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Aerobiotix - AeroCure UV/HEPA Home Air Disinfector

Aerobiotix - AeroCure UV/HEPA Home Air Disinfector

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Shipping included in Canada. The AeroCure 200UV is no ordinary air filter. Of course, like most quality air purifiers, to eliminate allergens like dust, dander, and pollen, it has a pleated prefilter, to remove larger contaminants (which can also remove odors,  when coated with an optional extra layer of carbon) as well as a true HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter, to trap ultrafine particles. But what really distinguishes this model (apart from its sturdy steel construction and quiet operation) is the patent-pending, ultraviolet microturbulence technology unit in-between, which makes this the first portable home unit that's been proven to be able to continuously eliminate all three living threats to our health from the air we breathe: bacteria, viruses and spores.

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Product Notes: Interior of Aero One unit

The air is drawn through a steel box filled with hundreds of FEP (Perfluorinated Ethylene-Propylene) beads. Two powerful (16 watt) UVC lamps kill virtually all the germs in the first pass.

This air disinfector treats an impressive 200 cubic feet of air per minute, is rated for rooms up to 800 square feet, and operates quietly (just 38 dB).

Extremely simple to use - simply turn it on, and it's ready to go, right out of the box.

5 year limited warranty.

A previous version of the AeroCure system was marketed using the name AeroOne / Aero1.

Internal components and functions of the AeroOne 3D UV Air Disinfection System:

1. Activated Carbon Prefiltration: optional carbon coating over the pleated prefilter removes odors from pets, smoke, cooking, etc., as well as large dust particles and contaminants. Replace filter about every six months (or sooner, if being used in a very dusty environment).

2. Medium efficiency pleated prefilter: similar to a furnace filter, but finer, this ten inch square commercial grade MERV 11 efficiency filter captures small dust and dirt particles, to protect the motor and other internal parts of this unit from damage. Replace about every six months (or sooner, if being used in a very dusty environment).

3. 3D-UV Reactor: dual 16-watt UV-lamps, shielded by metal hoods, shine on hundreds of UV-transmissible polymer cylinders contained in a steel box, which has holes and a fine mesh on the bottom for the air to flow though after passing through the many layers of cylinders. Any microorganisms or bioaerosols that were in the air are temporarily caught and decelerated and enturbulated within this matrix while being subjected to UV-C irradiation. These bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours of use: which is 417 days, if operated 24/7.

4. True HEPA filter: a large (12 x 12 x 6 inch), medical-grade, true HEPA filter rated at 99.97% efficiency for 0.3 micron particles, does a final air polishing and prevents those biological materials or proteins from being released back into the air. (This is needed because even though they've been rendered inert by step 3, such particles may still be able to cause allergic reactions). The HEPA should be changed about once a year, or when the filter display screen reads zero percent.

Portable -- The Aero One is mounted on smooth rolling, ball-bearing lined wheels (two are shown on the bottom right of the unit), to enable moving it from room to room.

Video Transcription -- Aero1-UV (The name for the original version of this model, which has been refined, since.)

Hello. My name is David Kirschman, and I'm the founder of Aerobiotix Incorporated. We design and manufacture novel devices for the removal of airborne bacteria, viruses, and spores. We've developed a pretty unique technology, which is patent pending, to really efficiently remove these sorts of pathogens from the air.

We initially started out in our business building large commercial units like this here, but more recently we've been interested in building smaller units for residential use.

The Aero One was designed as the most advanced solution currently available for disinfecting room air, and it works in three different, important ways. The Aero One has three different ways that it cleans the air.

The first is with a standard pre-filter, which combines a carbon filter to remove odors plus a pleated filter to remove dust. Then the air goes to this sort of device here. This is our patent pending technology, which incorporates a combination of ultraviolet light and a unique solid filter media, which is UV transmissible.

This reactor box is filled with material such as this, which is designed to let air flow through, but any bug that is in the airstream will get caught and enturbulated and run around dead ends inside this reactor chamber, all the while being irradiated by the ultraviolet light.

This is an example of our UV reactor, and this is a little larger one that we use for our commercial units. It's a little smaller in the Aero One. But you can see the concept is the same. The air goes through the bottom, through the filter media and is irradiated by these four UV sources on the top.

Once the air goes through the reactor unit, it then gets mixed and goes into a final HEPA filter, which is a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter. So we have a combination of both physical and biological and HEPA filtration all in one compact unit.

This technology has been independently evaluated and validated to remove 99.97% of bacteria, 100% of viruses, and 99.91% of spores in the airstream.

This is the Aero One unit here, and I'll show you a little bit about how it works. I'll remove the front panel. This is a prototype unit, and as you can see, the air enters the front here. We have a brushless AC motor and blower assembly here, which forces the air up into the small reactor unit here. You have your UV sources and your ultraviolet transmissible media inside. Then the air subsequently goes up here and through your HEPA filter and then finally existing out the top. It's a fairly straightforward system and works very effectively.

Thank you for watching our Aero One video. We look forward to a successful launch and bringing this exciting technology to the world.

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