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API Kirk Containers - Storage Pails

API Kirk Containers - Storage Pails

Item: Storage Pails
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These smooth-walled food-grade storage pails can be used to hold a wide range of items - everything from pet food to paint. They're made with HDPE-FDA Approved Resin, in various thicknesses specified below, and have wire metal handles with a plastic tube grip in the middle.  The largest size, which holds 6 U.S. gallons, is 17.38" high, has 90 millimeter thick walls, and is the standard 12 inch (actually 11.89") diameter, so the Gamma Seal Lid fits it perfectly. It retails for $10, and is available in-store. The intermediate size is 10.72" high, holds 3.5 US. gallons, but only has 75 mil. thick walls and so has a slightly smaller diameter (11.84") than the full size one, so although the Gamma Seal Lid does slip onto it, it doesn't form an airtight tight seal, so would only be a suitable lid for dry goods. This size retails for $8.00. The 2 gallon pail is just a little shorter (9.28"), but has a much smaller diameter (9.67"), and its walls are 65 mil. thick; it retails for $6.00. It might be possible to ship some of these pails, particularly in quantity, or in conjunction with other items; please contact store to see if arrangements can be made.

Info:  Avail. in-store in 2, 3.5 or 6 U.S. Gal. size

Category: FOR YOUR HOME > Home and Housewares

Product Notes: 

Store codes for each size:
- 2 U.S. Gallon: PLU 11511
- 3.5 U.S. Gallon: PLU 11510
- 6 U.S. Gallon: PLU 11509

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