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Carex - Day-Light Sky - Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Carex - Day-Light Sky - Bright Light Therapy Lamp

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This model is currently unavailable - please see the Day-Light Classic Plus Lamp from Carex.

Shipping included in Canada. Bright Light Therapy: Health professionals recommend bright light therapy as the #1 line of treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder / the Winter Blues! Meeting the guidelines demanded by healthcare professionals, when you choose a Day-Light, you are choosing a bright light therapy system proven effective by leading researchers around the world.

The Day-Light Sky features patented BriteZone technology providing 10,000 LUX of white light in a compact footprint.

Info:  1 SAD Lamp - Unavailable

Category: FOR YOUR HOME > Lighting

Product Notes: 

Two flicker-free settings for either therapy or task lighting.
Glare-free diffusion screen blocks 99.3% of UV for safety and comfort
5 year limited warranty
Colour:  Teal Blue
Weight: 8.2 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D): 26.9" x 13.7" x 10.5"

More Information > Frequently asked questions about light therapy.

DL2000US / 627394200016

Instructional Information (Video Transcription)

Day-Light Sky Assembly

Lay the Day-Light Sky with the lens facing upward. Position the base into the recess groove of the base plate, aligning the hole in the base plate with the hole in the base. Using the included number 2 Philips screw driver, insert and tighten the screws securely into the light base. Do not over-tighten. When done, carefully lift the assembled unit and stand it upright. Turn the light head clockwise 45 degrees. The light head can only be rotated in this range. Turning the light head beyond this range, will damage your Day-Light Sky.

Correct Positioning

Your eyes should be situated about 11 inches from the lens, near the center of the light, with your head looking downward below the lens, when the light is being used in therapy mode. To adjust the lens, hold the light head and push the silver buttons on the arm. Therapy sessions are usually between 20 and 30 minutes, and can be adjusted based on your response to the light. During therapy, you should not stare at the light. Instead, read, have breakfast or check email. When using the light for non therapeutic lighting, any angle is fine. But it is not recommended to sit closer than 11 inches, or stare directly into the light.Carex Day Light Sky Light Therapy SAD Lamp

Removing a Light Tube

Unplug the Day-Light Sky. Re-position the light head in the packing position by turning the light head 45 degrees clockwise until it stops, and the lenses facing in the same direction as the adjustment buttons. Gently place the Day-Light Sky, with the lens facing upward, on a flat surface. You may also wish to remove the base plate, but this is not necessary. Remove the four screws on the back using the number 2 Philips screw driver. Carefully use a flat head or a slot screw driver to raise the lens.

Slowly slide the lens back to disengage it from the three retention clips. To remove the light tubes, stretch and remove the rubber bands. They're only used for shipping and may be discarded. Do not touch the light tubes, if they are hot. Remove the rubber shaping insert at the socket end of the light tube. This, too, may be discarded as it is only for shipping. Press the white clip in the middle of the light tube housing unit. Grasp the tube near the plastic base, and gently wriggle it until it rises above the white clip. Twist the light tube until one side of it comes out. The other side should slide out with minimal effort. Disengage the light tube from the retainer clip at the other end.

Installing a Light Tube

Hold the tube horizontally and slide the top end into the retainer clip. Gently slide the prongs into the light socket. When it is fully in place, you will hear a click. Once both light tubes are installed correctly, plug the Day-Light Sky in to check each switch position. If there is a problem, unplug the Day-Light Sky and reinstall the light tubes. Always unplug the Day-Light Sky when changing the light tubes.

Replace the plastic lens by sliding the front, under the retention clips on the left head housing. It should clip easily back into place. Reinstall the four screws and ensure they pass through the lens. Do not over-tighten or the screws might get stripped. If your Day-Light Sky is not operating correctly, contact your dealer for replacement light tubes, or for service. Enjoy your Day-Light Sky.

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