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Our philosophy

Blueair believes in cleaner indoor air for everyone. Removing air impurities down to the tiniest particle requires a deep commitment to continuous innovation and a greener global environment. Our fresh air solutions are not only inventive, but extremely effective and eco-friendly. At Blueair we believe that clean air is a human right.

Blueair is an innovative company with an exclusive focus: designing and manufacturing the best air purification systems for people who don’t want to compromise on health, design or function. Our products help relieve the discomfort of allergy and asthma symptoms and enhance respiratory health and well-being for everyone.

Blueair’s performance is proven effective, and we provide information with integrity so consumers can make informed choices. Our company was founded in Sweden in 1996. We quickly earned a reputation for high performance, technological innovation and quality design. And we continue our quest to discover new clean air solutions for the homes, offices and commercial locations where we live, work and breathe.

Feel what cleaner air can do for you.

Our values

Blueair promises to deliver products and technology that make cleaner air easily accessible. Our values define who we are and how we do business — as individuals and as a company.

QUALITY: Blueair cares a great deal about excellence. In all aspects of our operations, from product development and production, to delivery and customer support, we focus on meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations.

SIMPLICITY: It’s easy to use Blueair products. Our products are straightforward and not complicated to operate, and our communications are clear.

MINIMALISM: We believe that less can achieve more. We create products that are fully recyclable, use less energy and produce fewer emissions for people who believe in good design.

ECO-FRIENDLY: From design and manufacturing to product packaging and use to recycling products after useful service life, we consider the effects of our operations on the environment. Our energy-efficient products keep our carbon footprint small and impact on the environment to a minimum. Plus we help consumers reduce their carbon footprints, too.

INVENTIVE: The world we live in constantly changes. So does Blueair. We invent new products and technologies to make clean air easier to access and to make life simpler.

Video Transcription

There are many different indoor air purifiers, but one brand stands out from all the rest. Since 1996, Blueair of Sweden has made what many consider to be the world’s most efficient indoor air purifiers. Tens of thousands of people around the planet rely on Blueair to remove practically all contaminants efficiently, quietly, and using little energy. Thanks to its deep-rooted innovation commitment, Blueair sets the benchmark for all other indoor air cleaners.

Bengt Rittri: Well, Blueair is the ideal air cleaner developed inline with everything I wanted to achieve. I spent a lot of time studying air cleaners from around the world, but I couldn’t find any that matched what I was looking for. They didn’t deliver great performance. They were noisy. I wasn’t impressed by the design either. I just couldn’t find any air cleaner that I would like to buy, so I developed my own. Blueair I feel is the best air cleaner in the world, and clean air is a human right. And clean air, healthier air is something we at Blueair innovated with love in Sweden.

Jonas Holst: You know, at Blueair we believe there is no substitute for excellence. We know that we have the best technology and that we deliver core benefit to our customers, but this is not enough for us. The design of the unit is not only about the pure looks, it’s also about the materials of choice.

Our unit is made of steel. This is excellent when it comes to durability and long performance. It’s also very environmentally friendly. Also, the control panel is a universal design which can be used by anyone. Our units are also very energy efficient and extremely quiet. That quiet that you, as an owner of the Blueair, will notice that the operating sound is so low that you will even wonder if the machine is turned on.

Johan Wennerstrom: It can be hard to explain air pollution. There are many different kinds, forms, and sizes of contaminants in the air. Some are difficult to remove using traditional ways, such as using a vacuum cleaner. For example, really fine dust flows easily in the air, and doesn’t fall to the floor. In reality, this means you are breathing it in. We say it doesn’t matter what your problem is. Blueair air purifiers remove even the smallest sized particles. Independent testing shows we remove 99.97% of all harmful pollutants, even particles as small as .01 microns.

HEPASilent Technology is the perfect solution. Combining electrostatic and mechanical forces ensures that we can achieve our goal, which is to create as much clean air as possible for each user. The ionizer in our units charges all pollutants with a negative charge. The particles are then attracted to the filter media in the same way as magnets are draw to each other. By using electrostatic forces, we can use less dense filter media that minimizes clogging and ensure total performance throughout the life of the filter.

But there’s more. Blueair’s unique progressive filter media enables a consistent high air flow while capturing particles of different sizes. The benefit is that the fan needs to work less hard to pure air through the filter, and that leads to less noise and reduced electricity consumption. This is the secret of making Blueair number one.

Here’s a filter used in a Blueair for six months. A huge amount of dust, bacteria, and chemicals have been removed from the air. This shows the high performance delivered by Blueair. So how do we maintain this high-level of performance? For all air purifiers, we recommend to clean the filters. But in real life, people are not always so careful, are they? Our filters are designed from the start to function perfectly during its entire filter life, and after six months, we simply recommend that they should be changed. Nothing could be more simple. You just replace the old filter with a new one. This ensures maximum in-air delivery all the time. And we have made the filter changing process so easy so everyone can do it.

Jonas Holst: Well actually both you and I, or all of us, we rely so much on the air that we breath. Air is something beautiful. It is key to our life, it’s key to our health, and it’s key to our well-being. Therefore, we believe that any machine that has to do with air also should be beautiful. We believe that your Blueair unit is with you every moment of life. And that’s why we want the unit not only to be doing good, but also to be looking good.

Bengt Rittri: To us, our success can be summarized into three points. First, we have the best performing air purifier in the world. Secondly, we deliver the most energy efficient appliance available anywhere. Third and finally, our air cleaners are famous for being so quiet, you wonder if they’re turned on.

Blueair, giving you cleaner, healthier air.

Why Blueair?

People living with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions, or who simply want to breather cleaner indoor air choose Blueair. Here’s why:

Design. Sleek and stylish, Blueair air purifiers fit your lifestyle and décor, so you can put your Blueair front and center in any room. Blueair’s contemporary look has earned the company one of the most prestigious design awards in Scandinavia, the Excellent Swedish Design award.

Energy efficient. By meeting the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, Blueair air purifiers have earned the Energy Star rating. Phenomenally low power usage means that it costs no more than a single conventional light bulb to run some Blueair systems 24/7.

Independently certified. Don’t take our word for just how great Blueair air purifiers perform. The performance of all Blueair air purifiers is independently verified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) and its Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) program through testing at a third-party laboratory.

Whisper-silent operation. Ingenious design minimizes noise for truly whisper-silent operation. Sound levels are so low that you may wonder if your Blueair unit is turned on. When the blue light is on, Blueair is quietly at work improving the quality of the air you breathe. It’s oh so quiet!

HEPASilent technology. Blueair’s patented HEPASilent filtration technology combines advanced filter media and an encapsulated ion particle charging chamber to achieve far better results than either mechanical or electrostatic technology alone.

Environmentally aware. Blueair products offer exceptional performance without polluting the environment. Blueair uses a patented filter media that is one of the least harmful plastics, producing only carbon dioxide and water as it decomposes.


At Blueair, we have always aimed to do business responsibly — in ways which benefit people, communities and the environment. We believe in making sustainable choices for our operations and for the design of our products. We also believe in helping people make more sustainable choices by providing energy efficient and environmentally sound products to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

As a responsible global citizen, Blueair aims to set the standards for the industry through initiatives that have a positive impact but also make good business sense. To be a global force for positive change, we at Blueair are committed to conducting business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. To help us in our endeavors, we rely on our company values to serve as the foundation for responsible business practices. In doing so, we hope to strike the right balance between creating value and preserving the world’s resources for generations to come.

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