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About Silit Cookware

Award winning and internationally recognized for their outstanding products and innovation, Silit is renowned for their high quality design sophistication.

Sustainably made in Germany

Since 1920 Silit has been on the cutting edge of cookware design. Using natural and environmentally friendly resources, end products are 100% recyclable and can be returned to the ecological cycle without any problem. Silit manufactures their products without using solvents or PFOA and it has a closed 100% controlled water circulation system. Newly devised multi-step stoving and drying processes make optimal use of the heat generated, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

Cookware material for health-conscious cooking

The metal ions in Silit cookware are to thank for their anti-bacterial quality. The ions form a protective surface and prevent the growth and spread of bacteria on the surface. This is a completely natural process that is proven to last. Silit cookware is also free of Nickel, making it an ideal line of cookware for anyone with allergies.

Pioneering unique surface technology

Made of special ferromagnetic steel protected by the trademark Silargan®, this compound of steel and high quality ceramic makes the Silit Cookware line particularly durable, cut and scratch proof, a dream to cook with and even makes clean up a pleasure. Their cookware is so durable that they have offered a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Style and special features

From their many colours and styles, to the variety of special features including their specially designed rim for spill-free pouring, it is understandable how Silit became trailblazers in cookware. Special handle technology achieves considerably better heat insulation compared to convention procedures. Silit lids are ovenproof stainless steel or shatter-proof and heat-resistant glass and both promote energy saving cooking by 60%. Their lids help to reduce water loss and preserve vitamin, aroma and natural colours of food.

While Silit cookware is dishwasher safe, in order to keep that brand new glow it is recommended to clean by hand and avoid scouring agents, gritty abrasives or hard sponges. As you get to know your new Silit cookware you might even find one of your favourite features, is just how easy it is to clean thanks to their specially designed non stick surface.

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