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Using Alternative Medicine to Shed Off Unwanted Pounds

Shery Russ

With the current obsession on fitness and getting into shape, weight loss always remains a topic of great interest. Manufacturers are quick to ride on the current trend and bombard late night viewing time with adverts for special diets and weight loss pills. They all promise to help you lose unwanted pounds and trim your middle portion.

You need not be a cynic to doubt the effectiveness of those pills, otherwise America wouldn't be home to the biggest number of overweight people in the world. Nevertheless, there are forms of alternative medicine that can successfully be employed to help reduce weight. Do remember that alternative medicine is not an instantaneous solution to your weight problem but following these principles can make you more supple and flexible, and feel more energetic.

Yoga is one great example. With its low impact stretching and poses, yoga helps you lower your stress level eventually leading you away from emotional eating. On the other hand, acupuncture can stimulate specific points in the ear that can suppress cravings. Moreover, there are detoxifying teas and other herbal preparations that make you feel healthier such that you will refrain from ingesting fatty and oily foods. In this context, alternative medicine makes an ideal instrument to lose weight.

Generally, using alternative medicine to lose weight involves the consumption of detoxifying teas, vitamins and energy supplements. For a truly safe and effective weight loss program and long term maintenance, regular daily exercises coupled with diet modification are necessary. Any successful program requires patience, diligence and discipline for which no magic formula can substitute. If you feel ready to embark on your own weight loss adventure, you may want to consider the following alternative measures in the form of supplements and detoxifying teas:

* Combine about half a teaspoon each of ginger, turmeric and lemon. Add the juice of half a lemon; add 2 cups of water and boil the mixture. You can drink this each morning as a detoxifier prior beginning your diet.

* Use fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Consider buying a juicer to help get you in the habit of eating healthy. You should also seek clearance from your doctor before getting into any form of diet.

* Add omega-3 to your smoothie or juice. It is a good source of nutrient, basically the essential fatty acids you need to regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol levels and help prevent a host of other diseases and health disorders.

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