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Bad Hair Days: The Science Behind Them

The Science behind Your Bad Hair Day

J. A. Young

According to new scientific research, friction may be at the root of that bad hair day. This news is likely to help your hair someday. In order to create new cosmetic products, researchers spend a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the relationships and interactions of the individual hairs on people's heads; their studies lead to many new findings about the behavior of hair. The findings eventually lead to products that can tame or enhance unruly manes.

The latest studies were conducted to define a single hair's interaction with a neighboring hair. The research found that the forces of friction are at work on these lightweight fibres. The hairs react differently when they are newly washed because they have fewer protective fatty acids around to insulate them. Bleaching, which also reduces the protective acids, often results in highly-charged reactive hair that is typically known as fly-away hair. The research team studied the interactions of hair at various distances – distances measured in nanometers.

Studies are also planned to research other scientific principles impacting our hair. For instance, it's long been known that humidity wreaks havoc on one's tresses, so researchers will study these effects in order to create the cosmetic hair products of the future. All this research on hair may lead to fewer bad hair days down the road. And while there is a plethora of consumer products available to cure these and other hair issues, tomorrow's products promise to work better because of this body of hair research that continues to grow ever-longer.

Hair is the subject of many other current studies. Some of these include finding treatments for hair loss or dandruff. Many companies support these studies in the hope of finding new products that will benefit both health and beauty needs. It may be that in the future, bad hair days will be distant memories of the past.

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