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Choose Growth, Not Decay – Healthy Aging Strategies

This is Step 1 in our series on Healthy Aging Strategies

By implementing the steps in this program, you are choosing growth. For those who are not interested in growth, unfortunately, there will be decay. Life is like this.

The early part of my life was devoted to achieving success as a classical trombonist, with a goal to be a performer in a professional symphony orchestra. I was fortunate to study with Arnold Jacobs, the Chicago Symphony's principal tuba player for 44 years, and a legendary teacher whose methods produced many successful musical performers. Thanks to his teaching (and hours of practice), I was selected by audition to be the second trombonist in the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, a position I held for over 20 years. Jacobs told his students "You're never the same in music. You either get better, or you get worse. If you practice two or more hours a day, you'll get better." His message was that you couldn't practice to maintain an existing level. You either improved, or you got worse. Your health is like that too.

This program may seem complex, but it is really a very simple system. The most important aspects of this program are exercise, nutrition, connecting with people, finding something in life that allows you to contribute to others (and that you love to do), ensuring you have perfect oral health, and getting a good night's sleep every night.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2011. Published with permission. Nathan Zassman is a trained nutrition practitioner and the owner of Aviva Natural Health Solutions.