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Earthing – Reconnecting You to Earth's Energy

close-up of walking barefoot

Earthing: Reconnecting You to the Energy of Earth

If you're tired of chronic aches and pains, or having trouble sleeping at night, you may be interested in trying earthing therapy, which is increasingly popular among those who suffer from chronic inflammation and other bodily ailments. According to the proponents of earthing, ensuring regular connection with the ground can help neutralize free radicals in the body and, since excesses of these are associated with inflammation and aging, it can therefore help alleviate these symptoms. Grounding may help us reattach ourselves to the earth's electromagnetic field, from which modern standards of living often insulate us. The best way of earthing is, of course, to spend time outdoors and let your bare skin contact the earth - by walking around barefoot, for instance. However, given the rush of modern society, this is often impracticable, and in cold climates barefoot contact with the ground is impossible for a good portion of the year.

These problems have led proponents to invent earthing products, designed to help you connect to the earth without needing to be in bodily contact with the ground. Probably the most popular means of earthing therapy is through sheets and pillowcases, which are woven with strands of silver to ground you while you’re sleeping. The usual practice is to connect earthing products to the grounding outlet of an electrical plug; however, for those who do not have access to a grounded plug, we offer a rod and wire that will give you easy access to the energy of the earth.

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