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How to Eat Healthy Food and Feed Our Optimism

Andreea C.

Foods that make us happy are not miraculous. Sometimes they make the routine of our daily meals. We eat them every day without knowing the benefits that they have on our health. Unrevealing these marvelous effects can be helpful for everybody, but especially for those who can't help grabbing a snack when they are depressed.

This is not a joke – it is a nutrition fact – and scientists proved that particular foods contain certain substances that can lead to a serotonin level boost. Serotonin is also known as the "happiness hormone" that induces feelings of well-being and happiness. There are other foods that charge our batteries, while others contain all the vitamins we need for our energy. So, let's look closer at some of them and find out their miraculous effects.


Experts have concluded that chocolate is a real antidepressant. The more reinvigorated you want to feel, the darker the chocolate must be. They reached this conclusion after thorough research carried out in the most sophisticated centers in the world. The explanation is that cocoa contains antioxidants and flavonoids which fight depression. Chocolate is not good for those who want to lose weight. Yet, its rich concentration in cocoa is great for people looking for good mood.


Studies have shown that fish (containing omega-3 fatty acid) is not only beneficial for our heart, but it can also make us feel relaxed and carefree. The explanation is that omega-3 fatty acid helps to improve the structure of those parts of the brain that are responsible for emotions. Apart from making us optimistic, omega-3 fatty acid also helps fighting health problems such as cardiovascular conditions, rheumatism and even cancer.


Bananas compete with the best-known drugs that induce the feeling of well-being. They contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, and manganese. Bananas are not only the best food for optimism, but they are also remarkable in all sorts of conditions such as: cardiovascular problems (thanks to potassium and fibre), ulcers (antacid effect), diarrhea (rich pectin content), kidneys and eyesight problems (the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E and carotenoids). There are few contraindications. People suffering from diabetes need to avoid them, because bananas are rich in carbohydrates. Also, people who suffer from constipation are advised to consume them with caution because of their rich pectin content.


Mandarins contain more bromine than oranges. Bromine is a nervous system sedative. Whenever we cannot sleep at night, mandarins are the remedy at hand. A glass of fresh mandarin juice always fights insomnia and restores our peace of mind.


Everybody knows that alcohol can creates an illusion of happiness. Yet, irresponsible drinking seriously affects health. More than that, heavy drinking has the opposite effect – depression! Doctors insist that only moderate consumption of alcohol will have positive effects on health.

All these marvelous foods are special because they have positive effects both on our body and on our soul. How we eat is as important as what we eat. Making our meals look appealing to the eye is the last trick. So, if we want to be happy and feel good, we must take the time to feed our soul, too.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2011. Published with permission.