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Gluten-Free Bread – Increasing in Popularity and Availability

K. James

Some people worry that going on a gluten free diet means never eating bread again. This is no longer the case. Gluten free bread is becoming more popular and is available in most grocery stores and even in some restaurants.

There are a few different flours used to make gluten free bread. A common gluten free flour is rice flour. Bread that is made from rice flour can be tasty but is usually very dense. White rice flour is used to make pasta but can also be used to make tasty bread. Brown rice flour is used more often to make gluten free bread. Brown rice bread has a rich flavor but does crumble easily.

Another gluten free flour used to make bread is tapioca flour. Tapioca flour comes from the cassava plant and is a great starch for gluten free baking. Tapioca bread is a bit fluffier than other gluten free breads. It sticks together well but is still not as soft as wheat bread. Bread made from tapioca flour has a light taste.

Spelt can be made into flour that is similar to wheat flour. Spelt flour is gluten free and has a sweet and nutty flavor when baked into bread. Spelt bread has a firm texture and does not crumble as easily as some of the other gluten free breads. It can be used to make tasty gluten free toast and sandwiches.

There are many gluten free food companies that package gluten free bread mix to make bread at home. Most of the gluten free mixes contain a combination of gluten free flours and starches to create a bread loaf with a good texture and taste. The mixes often need other common ingredients added to it, such as eggs, milk, and oil.

Some dedicated gluten free food companies make pre-made, packaged bread. They can be bought at grocery stores or health food stores. Most of these gluten free breads can be eaten right out of the package and last about a week once opened. Gluten free packaged bread can be purchased in loaves or rolls.

More and more restaurants are starting to offer gluten free rolls or sandwich bread as a choice on the menu. Some restaurants make their own gluten free bread or purchase it from a dedicated gluten free food company. Gluten free bread is becoming more common every day and is much easier to find and enjoy.

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