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Gluten Free Pasta

K. James

Gluten free pasta is widely available and can be delicious. Many people that have to eat gluten free worry that their pasta days are over. Not long ago there were limited choices for gluten free pasta but now there are several types of pasta that can be used in gluten free dishes.

Rice pasta is a popular gluten free pasta that is made from some form of rice flour. Brown rice flour seems to make the best kind of rice pasta. Asian chefs have been using rice pasta for years. This gluten free pasta comes in several shapes and sizes. The con to rice pasta is that it can often be sticky. Running cold water over the cooked pasta will help to separate it.

Quinoa pasta is made from the quinoa grain. This grain is gluten free and has a pleasant taste. Quinoa pasta is becoming a regular alternative to wheat pasta. It contains a high amount of protein and iron. Quinoa pasta also has a high fiber content. This pasta cooks quickly but can have a chewier texture than other pastas.

Corn pasta is made from ground corn flour. It can be a tasty gluten free alternative. Corn pasta cooks rather quickly and has a great texture. It also provides a serving of grains for those on a gluten free diet. Corn pasta comes in many shapes and sizes and does well in casserole dishes.

Another option for gluten free pasta is what is known as the "miracle noodle". This pasta is really an Asian noodle called shirataki. The shirataki noodles are made from the powered root of the konjac yam. The konjac yam grows in parts of Asia. This gluten free noodle has no carbohydrates, calories, but does contain some fiber. It is made as a straight noodle such as spaghetti.

The number of food companies that offer gluten free pasta is continuing to grow as gluten free pasta and other gluten free foods are becoming popular and prevalent.

Rice and corn pasta seem to be the most popular of all the gluten free options on the market. Any of these pastas are safe for those on a gluten free diet and can be used just like wheat pasta. Sometimes the cooking directions are different from wheat pasta but are usually labeled on the packaging. People who have to maintain a gluten free diet no longer have to live without their favorite pasta dishes.

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