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The Dangers of Vitamin Deficiencies


Good health should be one of our main priorities. In the past few years, the public in general has become more conscious about the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet in achieving a healthy body. Many people have started taking vitamin and mineral supplements in order to boost their health. This is a good thing because vitamin deficiencies can lead to a number of medical complications.

Vitamin deficiencies can be manifested through various symptoms. The most common symptoms of a lack of vitamins in the body include susceptibility to diseases and infections, a constant feeling of fatigue, inability to sleep restfully, lack of appetite, skin dryness and breakouts, and many mental and emotional disorders.

Eating an unhealthy or unbalanced diet is the most common reason for vitamin deficiencies. However, there are a plethora of other reasons, such as excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, frequent bouts of stress and other emotional problems, and reactions from medications being taken for particular illnesses. As soon as you start feeling the symptoms of a lack of vitamins, consult with your doctor right away and he will be able to prescribe the right supplements for you.

The benefits of vitamin supplements are largely underrated. This is especially true in the last few years when a lot of people in the medical community seem to frown upon these medications. Many medical professionals believe it is much better to get all your nutrients from real food. However, there are instances wherein you do need to take supplements because you won’t always be able to get the required amounts of nutrients from the foods that you eat on a regular basis.

In fact, most of the meals available to us these days contain nutrients that are much less than the standard health requirements. For this reason, it has become essential to take vitamin supplements everyday.

Vitamins B6, B12, D, E and folic acid are some of the most important vitamins you should be getting daily. Supplements of these vitamins are not only used to fill up the recommended daily allowances, but also help to reduce the symptoms of certain illnesses including many forms of cancer. These vitamins are also very effective in boosting the immune system and overall well being.

To maximize the benefits of vitamin supplements, you have to know exactly which kinds of vitamins or minerals are lacking in your system. For instance, if you are suffering from eyesight problems, you might need to increase your vitamin A intake. If you find yourself catching colds and infections too easily, you should be taking vitamin C or ascorbic acid supplements. To improve your overall health, you just need to take some multivitamins everyday.

Ideally, it would be great if you can get all the necessary nutrients from the foods that you eat. However, most food items these days do not contain adequate nutrients, which is why so many people suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Thanks to vitamin supplements, you no longer have to deal with this problem. But these vitamin supplements should only be considered as aids to your daily diet, and you should still make an effort to eat the most nutrient-packed foods as much as and as often as possible.

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