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What You Can Make with Your Vitamix

Just some of what you can make with a professional blender like those offered by Vitamix:

Cheesy Apple Fondue

Create a hot appetizer entirely in your Vitamix in just minutes. The speed of the blades creates friction heat, melting the cheese and combining all the ingredients into a smooth, velvety dip perfect for parties.

Whole Fruit Margarita

Take your margaritas to the next level by making them with whole oranges, lemons and limes. The Vitamix easily processes the whole fruits to create vibrant flavours and restaurant-quality drinks every time -- you'll never want to buy drink mixers again.

Peanut Butter

Say good-bye to preservatives and additives when you make your own peanut butter and other nut butters. The Vitamix quickly processes the nuts and lets you decide how chunky or smooth you want it.

Crunchy Apple Salsa

Save time chopping ingredients -- the Vitamix lets you to create fresh salsas in seconds. You can even include a lime with the skin still on, Vitamix easily breaks it down so you get a juicy burst of flavour.

Green Smoothies

Enjoy the health benefits of whole foods with a green smoothie. A top quality blender make it easy for the whole family to get their daily servings of fruit and vegetables in a smooth and tasty drink.

Almond Milk

Make fresh almond milk (and other nut milks) packed with rich nutrients and vitamins.

Peach Yogurt Freeze

Whip up a delicious healthy frozen treat in minutes. The power of the Vitamix combines frozen peaches and yogurt into a dreamy dessert that you can scoop and serve right from the container.

Pineapple Strawberry Sorbet

Forget store-bought sorbet -- make your own from frozen and fresh fruit.

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