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Chef's Choice

Chef'sChoice by EdgeCraft: A Passion to Create the World's Best

When it comes to sharp product design and superiority that edges out the competition, Chef's Choice has ample experience. Emerging in its early history in the 1980s as a leader in knife sharpeners (both electric and manual), Chef's Choice has gone on to develop a wide range of high quality small kitchen appliances. We offer a number of knife sharpeners of various types and qualities, including both manual, electric, and hybrid (which have a combination of both electric and manual modes). We also offer a number of professional waffle makers with a variety of features and price ranges. Or, if desserts interest you more, you will appreciate Chef's Choice waffle cone maker and cone holder, as well as their iron for making traditional Italian pizzelle. If kettles are more to your taste, Chef's Choice offers a range of cordless varieties (including glass, stainless steel, and tea kettles).

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  • Chef's Choice - Classic WafflePro
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  • Chef's Choice - KeepHot Thermal Electric Kettle
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  • Chef's Choice - Premium Metal Food Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers
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