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Massage Chairs

Family Inada Massage Chair

Massage is not only good for rest and relaxation, but also to help heal injuries and or gain relief from specific symptoms or health conditions. A great investment in your health, a massage chair is the perfect solution -- providing easy access to all of the benefits of massage in your own home.

Inada exceeds all expectations of what a massage chair can be. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the precise massage movements they deliver have been expertly choreographed to deliver a transcendent, effective, skillful massage to restore tired muscles, reduce stress, and help you sleep better.

Free shipping is available to most urban areas; additional charges may apply to some locations. For those living in Winnipeg, on-site installation and assembly service is available for your massage chair; please contact us at (204) 947-6789 for details. Visit us in store at 1224 St. James Street to put the world's best to the test. 

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