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Weight Control Products

Aviva carries a number of natural supplements to help you shed some extra pounds or maintain a healthy weight, including: apple cider vinegar capsules; Garcinia Cambogia (in different concentrations); protein-based products; a clinically proven probiotic; and items suitable for Keto diets (exogenous ketones, MCT oil). Weight loss supplements aren't intended to be a 'quick fix' - they're nutritional support. To see the best results possible, we recommend taking these products along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Also see a selection of related products for diabetes and blood sugar management. Related Reading: The Many Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting * Manage Diabetes and Lose Weight Permanently * Brain Food * Losing Weight the Healthy Way * Insulin Resistance

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  • Nucific - BIO X4 - Digestive Support Compound
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