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3Dee Black / Black Frame & Spring
3Dee Red / Black Frame & Spring
3Dee Black / Polished Frame & Spring
3Dee Red / Polished Frame & Spring
3Dee - Active Office Chair
3Dee - Active Office Chair
3Dee - Active Office Chair

3Dee - Active Office Chair

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Info: Available in Several Colour Combinations

The Most Innovative Office Chair in the World. Many spend the vast majority of the working day seated stationary in a single chair, which can be very bad for both productivity and health. That's why Aeris consulted with health experts, chiropractors, and doctors to develop a cure to "sitting disease," by engineering an adjustable ergonomic office chair which not only supports but actively encourages movements in all three dimensions. The 3Dee Active Office Chair also has an arched backrest to provide comfortable support without restricting movement. S&H included in Canada.

Product Notes:

3Dee chairs can swivel, of course, and tilt forwards or backwards, or let one gently bounce up and down on its large spring, or even enable reaching from side to side -- all while still keeping the back erect, to relieve intervertebral discs, stimulate blood circulation, and supply oxygen throughout the body. And with a sleek design, and choice of colours, it can fit into a wide variety of office decors.

The microfiber seat for this active offer chair currently comes in either red or black, paired with either an all black frame or a black frame with some polished/shiny elements.

The Most Innovative Office Chair in the World

Activated: Your back keeps straight, because the 3Dee Active Office Chair follows your movements as you sit. Moreover, your back gets strengthened by frequent changes of posture, and that also helps keep your muscles fit.

Yet Relaxed: The backrest with patented lamellar technology [please see area 2 in the diagram below] and the physiologically-shaped backrest cushioning [area 3] provides support without restricting freedom of movement. The lumbar support [4] and backrest tension can each be individually adjusted.

Motivated: The patented 3D Technology in the unique movable ball-bearing joint in the base (below area [1] in the diagram) and the spring strut support and encourage harmonious 3 Dimensional movement and frequent change of sitting position, by enabling full flexibility of movement not only backwards and forwards but also up and down or to either side. This stimulates your circulation, strengthens core muscles, helps keep you fit, and is also fun!
  It can also increase productivity, by facilitating freer, deeper breathing, which enhances concentration, and the combination of universal rollers for the whole chair and multi-directional repositioning for the seat itself can extend your reach and ensure an optimum sitting posture with respect to your working surface.

Unrestricted: The intelligent seat is slightly convex, upholstered with breathable multi-zone integral foam [5] and equipped with the flexzone technology [6] for a healthy seat climate and optimum sitting comfort without pressure points.
Dimensions for the 3DEE Active Office Chair


Weight Capacity: 290 lbs
Seat Fabric: Microfiber
Overall chair height: 43.3" (includes backrest)
Base diameter: 29.5"
Seat width: 18.1" / Seat depth: 18.1"
Back width: 17" / Back height: 16.9"
Height Range Basic Spring: 16.5"-22"
Chair weight: 44 lbs.
Casters: Universal locking safety casters.

Close-ups of Several Parts of a 3Dee chair

Spring Strut
The aeris spring strut -- which is also found in the Swopper and Swoppster models -- is the central element of the highly complex 3D mechanism in the 3Dee which enables its unique vertical bouncing movement.

Flexzone Technology
The specially developed flexible seat plate with multi-zone foam adapts to each sitter's physique and thus avoids pressure points and deters bad posture habits (like sitting on the edge).

3D Movable Joint
This is where the vertical bounce meets an innovative high-tech joint that is responsible for the sideways movement as well as the backwards and forwards movement. You can adjust the flexibility of movement individually -- for more or less exercising of your muscles, as desired.

Adjustable Lumbar Support
The completely new, lamella-based backrest of the 3Dee office chair is an ergonomic highlight. The lumbar support can be adjusted flexibly to match any user's physique.

Seat Cushioning
Special high-tech cushioning with new, climate-active cover for feather-soft sitting comfort. Five perfectly matching functional layers provide breathable, pressure-relieving and heat-regulating sitting.



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The aeris motion concept: move, naturally.

The 3Dee Active Office Chair: designed and produced by aeris GmbH, distributed by Via Seating. Photographs copyright aeris GmbH.

Suggested Usage:

There are many advantages to this chair; it:
* Acts against static and rigid sitting;
* Improves sitting posture;
* Relieves and strengthens back;
* Strengthens and exercises muscles;
* Stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow;
* Nourishes intervertebral discs, and,
* Provides an ergonomically optimized backrest for relaxing.

Adjustable Settings:
* Seat height;
* Weight (spring soft/harness);
* Flexible sideways movement;
* Backrest tension; and,
* Lumbar support.

Warranty: 3 year warranty from the U.S. supplier (Swopper) for materials and function of all original parts, as long as product is owned by original purchaser; covers defects in materials and craftsmanship found during normal single shift usages (5 days a week, 8 hours a day).

Feature Conventional ergonomics 3D-ergonomics by aeris
Synchro Mechanism A mechanical element is standardly used which permits linear and one-dimensional movement of the backrest and seat. The 3D mechanism enables intuitive, multidirectional 3D movement of the entire seat surface.
Seat Depth Adjustment The seat with fixed front edge can be moved linearly backwards and forwards in ratchet steps. The seat with flexible front edge moves dynamically in all directions and adapts itself to each person's thigh length. In addition, the adjustable backrest lumbar support permits individual setting of the seat depth.
Vertical Movement No vertical movement, just a slight sinking of the gas spring. Full vertical movement (up to about 10 cm) with adjustable range of movement.
Flexibility of Sideways Movement Mostly static. Some with tilt mechanisms under the seat surface with slight flexibility. Maximum sideways tilt 2-3°. Dynamic. 3D movement element with pivotal point directly on the floor, which permits flexible sideways movement of up to 15°.
Seat Shape Straight or hollow seat surfaces with rigid seat edges which hinder upright sitting positions and might cause pressure points. Arched seat surfaces with flexible front edge, which support upright sitting positions and enhance the circulation of blood and prevent pressure points.
Forward Tilt No active forward tilt of the seat surface. A negative sitting tilt of max. 4° can be generated by of the synchro mechanism. The distance between the seat surface and the desk remains unchanged and leads to "sitting on the edge". Active forward tilt through a 3D movement element with pivotal point directly on the floor (up to 15° forward tilt). The distance between the seat surface and the desk changes individually (decreases) and thus prevents "hunchback posture" and "sitting on the edge".
Armrests Available either as standard or an option. Purposely omitted, because armrests restrict natural movement. They are also not needed to help when standing up, because the spring of the seat does that "automatically".
Backrest and Lumbar Support Adjustment Standard, usually rigid or movable in one direction through a tilt mechanism. Height adjustment of the lumber support is usually possible. Backrests are supplied as standard on the 3Dee, and the lumbar support can be adjusted individually between 2.5 and 5.5 cm. The flexible backrest mesh adapts to all back shapes.
Operation Standard components with multiple adjustment settings, but without adjustment of the depth springing or sideways movement. Continuous adjustment for height, weight, sideways movement and partially also for the lumbar support and backrest counter-pressure.

Product Options:
Black Microfiber Seat with Black Frame & Spring - $1,495.00
Red Microfiber Seat with Black Frame & Spring - $1,495.00
Black Seat with Polished Frame & Chrome Spring - $1,799.00
Red Microfiber Seat, Polished Frame, Chrome Spring - $1,799.00