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bioSnacky Classic 3-Tier Sprouter, with grown sprouts in it
bioSnacky Classic 3-Tier Sprouter, growing sprouts in it
bioSnacky Original Classic  3-Tier Seed Sprouter (empty)

A. Vogel - bioSnacky Original Classic 3-Tier Seed Sprouter

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Info: 1 Germinator, with 3 Interlocking Cultivation Trays and a Cover

The Original Classic bioSnacky three tiered seed sprouter may not revolutionize your life, but it will make it easier for you to get some of the daily fresh and organic produce you need. Compact and easy to use, it can turn your table or countertop into your own personal mini-garden, and put you in touch with biological memories of a more agrarian past, and the stuff of nature your body craves.

Product Notes:

Kit includes 1 germinator (1 lid, 3 cultivation trays, 3 drainage siphons, 1 surplus water tray), instructions for use, 1 free sample sachet of original bioSnacky seeds.


* Simultaneous cultivation of three types of shoots.
* Made from environmentally friendly plexiglass (suitable for food use).
* Free from cadmium, formaldehyde, and Bisphenol A (BPA).
* Scratch-proof, impact-resistant, UV-resistant.
* Dishwasher safe.

Suggested Usage:

1. Prepare: Rinse the germinator with cold water. Put the germinator in a bright, warm place where it stands level on all sides. Avoid direct sunlight. The little red drainage siphons must sit correctly, but not too tightly on the water drainage tubes.

2. Rinse: Rinse the seeds well in a sieve under running water before sowing.

3. Sow: Scatter a thin layer of seeds on the seed tray. Once sown with seeds, stack the trays one on top of each other so that that the red drainage siphons are staggered and not directly above one another.

4. Water: Pour water into the top tray until the siphon cone is completely covered (min. 0.5 litres) and the water starts to drain off. The individual sowing trays containing the seeds are now automatically watered in sequence. A small amount of water is left behind in each tray in order to provide ambient moisture, which is ideal for the seeds' growth. Once the water has flowed through the germinator, empty the surplus water tray and fill with a little fresh water -- enough to cover the bottom.

5. Harvest: Harvest fresh, crunchy shoots and sprouts 3-7 days later.

6. Clean: All the objects used must be carefully cleaned (germinator, siphon cones, water container, spoon etc.), preferably using fruit vinegar and a soft brush. The germinator can be dishwashed (in the top tray, max. 85°C). Rinse with clear water and leave to dry.

At the beginning, make a note of the seed-related information such as sowing quantity and watering time in the seed table. You can then adapt these values depending on your own experiences.

For mucilaginous seeds such as cress: once the mucilage has started to form, only spray with fresh water.

Wash harvested sprouts before consuming. If not eaten immediately, they should be stored in the fridge (for no longer than 2 to 3 days).

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