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packet of bioSnacky Organic Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds
A. Vogel bioSnacky Wellness Mix
packet of bioSnacky Organic Mild Aromatic Mix Sprouting Seeds

A. Vogel - bioSnacky Organic Sprouting Seeds

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Info: Various Seed Choices; 40 g Packets (except for the Broccoli Rapini)

A.Vogel offers a whole range of top-quality sprouting seeds, as well as bioSnacky sprouters, so you can grow your own sprouts and fine herbs from seeds. Organically grown, non-treated and additive and GMO-free, bioSnacky brand sprouting seeds are easy to grow, and yield sprouts as fresh and crisp as anything you could grow in your garden.

Product Notes:

 BioSnacky sprouts are living food in its simplest and most unadulterated form. They provide countless nutrients to the body, including minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre. With bioSnacky, you can eat well year round, even if you don't have a green thumb.

Great organic germinating seeds! 100% organic seeds / Non- treated / Additive-free /GMO-free. Certified by EG-OEKO-VO 2092/91

Sprouted seeds help make up for dietary deficiencies caused by our modern diet, while kick-starting the body's detoxification process. Once sprouted, bioSnacky sprouts are highly nutritious. They contain vitamins, including vitamins B, C and E, and are packed with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Above all, they are high sources of protein made up of all the essential fatty acids the body needs. Rich in fibre, Biosnacky sprouts help keep you regular. The sprouting process produces digestive enzymes (lipases, proteases and amylases) that help our own digestive enzymes break down fats, protein and complex sugars. BioSnacky seeds and sprouts are veritable fountains of vitality and health benefits.

Thanks to bioSnacky germinators, growing sprouts and herbs at home is fun and easy. The modest little bioSnacky seeds quickly grow into fresh shoots and sprouts that provide both food and vitality, as well as a delicious taste. Germination time varies from 2 to 8 days depending on the type of seeds, and can be partially extended; the sprouts can be eaten until green shoots appear.

This is natural nourishment in its original, unchanged form. BioSnacky® shoots and sprouts contain unique concentrations of valuable enzymes, proteins, mineral substances, trace elements and natural vitamins. They also contain excellent fibre materials that are beneficial to the intestines and regulate the digestive process.

Alfalfa - 7610313425211: Enjoy these chlorophyll-rich sprouts, which are crisp, mild, and tangy - great for use in salads. Alfalfa is rich in vitamins A, B2, B3, C, and D, and contains trace elements (magnesium and iron), as well as all eight essential amino-acids.

Broccoli Rapini - 7610313419746: Certified organic, sprouting Broccoli/Rapini (Brassica rapa var. cymosa "Raab") seeds.

Fitness Mix - 7610313425198: Wheat seeds, mung beans, and radish combine for a subtle, mildly piquant flavour to add intrigue to your meals.

Gourmet Mix - 7610313425204: Delicate in flavour, the gourmet mix combines fresh quinoa and lentil sprouts with the spicy personality of radish.

Little Radish Sprouts - 7610313425242: Add spice to your life with radish sprouts! Rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, these sprouts may be little, but they're big in flavour and health benefits!

Mild Aromatic Mix - 4043571360001: Delicate and slightly sweet, this distinctive sprout-mixture of lentils, mung beans, and radishes is great for flavouring soups, salads, and dips.

Mung Bean Sprouts - 7610313425235: Experience these mild, aromatic bean sprouts the way they were meant to be eaten - fresh and unpolluted. Rich in various vitamins and minerals, mung bean sprouts are a great way to add flavour, texture, and health to your soup, salad, or stir-fry.

Red Clover - 7610313425457: Rich in isoflavones, red clover has a fine taste, and contains many nutrients beneficial for your health, including chromium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, potassium, vitamin C, and thiamine. It is often used for purifying the blood and cleansing the liver.

Wellness Mix (formerly called Detox Mix) - 4043571360353: Lentils piqued with some of our favourite signature sprouts: red clover, radishes, and mung beans.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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Alfalfa - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425211
Broccoli Rapini (30g) - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313419746
Fitness Mix - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425198
Gourmet Mix - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425204
Little Radish - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425242
Mild Aromatic Mix - $2.99 - UPC: 4043571360001
Mung Bean - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425235
Red Clover - $2.99 - UPC: 7610313425457
Wellness Mix (formerly called Detox Mix) - $2.99 - UPC: 4043571360353