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Boneco A681 HYBRID Filter
Boneco Hybrid Humidifier-Air Purifier with side panel off showing where filters go
package for Boneco A681 HYBRID Filter

Boneco - A681 HYBRID Filter for Model H680 Humidifier/Air Purifier

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Info: 1 Replacement Filter for the Boneco H680 Hybrid Humidifier/Air Purifier

The Boneco Model H680 Humidifier/Air Purifier Hybrid uses both a prefilter (sold separately) and this 2-in-1 filter combination, which consists of both a HEPA and an active carbon filter. The HEPA filter decreases the susceptibility to allergies of your family and removes over 99% PM2.5 and fine dust. The active carbon filter reduces smoke and harmful gases like VOCs, formaldehyde, odors, and exhaust. This Hybrid filter should be replaced after every year of use.

Product Notes:

Boneco Item # 42466. The HYBRID filter has to be changed after about one year to ensure that dirt and pollen continue to be filtered from the air. The unit's display indicates an upcoming need to replace the filter.


  1. Remove the front cover of the BONECO H680.
  2. Take off the pre-filter.
  3. Remove the used HYBRID filter and dispose of it with your regular household waste.
  4. Remove the protective foil from the new replacement HYBRID filter.
  5. Insert the HYBRID filter into the holder as shown on the
  6. Reinsert the pre-filter and the front cover.
  7. Simultaneously press and hold the triangle buttons on the appliance for 3 to 5 seconds to hide the filter change symbol label.