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Relaxus - AccuBall Massager

Relaxus - AccuBall Massager

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Feeling knotty? Loosen up with the Accu-Ball kneading massager. An ergonomically designed, easy to use tool that enables you to administer your own pain relief, the Accu Ball lets you control pressure and positioning for tight muscles and difficult to reach spots. Work it out on your own when you just can't survive until your next massage. The flexible design includes two adjustable accu balls with three different position possibilities and cord for extra reach and easy grip.

Product Notes:

This product was formerly marketed as the Acu-ball or (Acu ball) Massager, with either white or pinkish handles and white balls and ropes, as shown. The latest stock has black handles and blue ropes and accu balls.

Suggested Usage:

Apply both accu balls for kneading-style pressure massage, or use one ball and tapping technique to loosen stress knots in the back, neck, shoulders, legs or feet.
UPC / Barcode: 628949123750