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Adagio Acres - Naked Oats
Adagio Acres - Naked Oats
Adagio Acres - Naked Oats

Adagio Acres - Naked Oats

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Info: 900 g Bag; Available as Rolled, Steel Cut, or Quick Cooking Oats, In-Store Only

Available in Store Only

Straight from their organic family farm in Manitoba comes Adagio Acres' Naked Oats. 'Naked' oats are hulless when harvested (i.e. they shed their own hulls when they are fully grown), so these oats require less processing than other oats before they come to market, so that the maximum nutrients from the ground reach your table unblemished.

These items are usually available in our Winnipeg store. We are able to ship them, but due to their size and weight, the customers would need to pay the full cost of shipping them. Please contact us to confirm in-store availability or for more information on shipping.

Product Notes:

Looking for natural foods to improve your health? Try Adagio Acres' rolled naked oats – because you can't get more natural than naked!

Now available in three formats:

1) Rolled whole grains, which cook into creamy porridge in about five minutes;

2) Steel Cut (where the whole oats are sliced into small bits with steel blades), which take 10 to 15 minutes to make into chewier porridge, and may also be preferable to use for baking cookies; and,

3) a Quick Cooking type, which is the smaller, steel cut pieces rolled extra thin, which can cook into porridge in just two minutes after being added to boiling water, and/or is well suited for pancakes or cookies, muffins, breads, or other types of baking.

Certified organic, Adagio Acres' Naked Oats are grown without pesticides or herbicides, which makes them healthier for both you and the environment.

And knowing the importance of oats as an alternative food-source for those avoiding gluten, Adagio Acre grows their crops in dedicated wheat-free fields, so none of their farm equipment dealing with these oats comes into contact with wheat, and also carefully tests the crops to ensure there's been no cross-contamination with any gluten-rich grains – particularly for the Steel Cut variety.


Organic whole grain naked oats.

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Rolled - $7.99 - UPC: 627843238119
Steel Cut - $7.99 - UPC: 627843389200
Quick Cooking - $7.99 - UPC: 627843389248