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Adjustable Recumbent Chair
Adjustable Recumbent Chair in Use

Relaxus - Adjustable Recumbent Chair

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Shipping & Handling included in Canada. Give your back a well-deserved break. This unique design is a great alternative position to sit in while at work or home to build up core strength and reduce lower back strain.

Product Notes:

By kneeling into the chair (you sit on the fabric-covered cushion pad on top, and place your knees on the lower one, tucking your legs and feet behind you), weight is transferred away from the lower back. This manner of seating also all but eliminates the tendency to slouch while seated (you need to keep your back up to stay in place). The height is adjustable -- you can easily position it to work at a desk or kitchen or store counter -- and the sturdy wood frame is fixed on multi-directional wheels, so you can easily reposition it to a different work (or leisure) station


  •  Weight: 14.3 lbs. or 6.5 kg -- light enough for most to carry.
  •  Length: 20 inches from the front 'axle' to the back.
  •  Width: 17 inches across, on each axle.
  •  Seating pad is 15 inches across by 11 inches by 2 inches deep
  • Kneeling pad is 17-1/2 inches across by 9 inches front to back, and 2-1/2 inches deep.

When the chair is elevated for working at a high desk, the very back of the seating pad (which is positioned on a downward angle) may typically be about 27 inches above the ground, and the top of the front of it is 22-1/2 inches above the ground.

When it's not elevated, the top of the forward edge of the kneeling pad (which is positioned on an upward angle) may typically be about 17 inches above the ground, while the top of the back of it in the middle of the chair is about a foot high.

UPC / Barcode: 628949190004