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Air Vaccine 015 unit, white with silver-gray side trim, side view
Air Vaccine 015 unit, white with silver-gray side trim, front view
List of AirVaccine 015 plus features

Air Vaccine 015+ Air Disinfection System

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Info: White with Silver/Gray Side Trim

Most air purifiers just remove dust and fine particulates, which is all some really want. But if you work or reside where there may be a constant succession of airborne viruses or bacteria (like a daycare, clinic, or waiting room frequented by people harboring colds and flus) you'll want one that can really stop those microscopic pathogens in their tracks.

Info: White with Silver/Gray Side Trim

Most air purifiers just remove dust and fine particulates, which is all some really want. But if you work or reside where there may be a constant succession of airborne viruses or bacteria (like a daycare, clinic, or waiting room frequented by people harboring colds and flus) you'll want one that can really stop those microscopic pathogens in their tracks.

Product Notes:

Many seek air purification systems equipped with a germicidal ultraviolet light sterilization filter to deal with viruses and pathogens, but those tend to be relatively large, loud (e.g., over 62 dBa on high speed) and expensive (some cost hundreds a year to operate). In contrast, the powerful Air Vaccine 015+ air disinfection system uses a different method than UV-C lamps for equivalent results, is fairly small (it can go on a tabletop or be wall-mounted), quiet (just 35 dbA), and uses very little power (just 2.4 Watts per hour).

S&H included in Canada. Air Vaccine 015+ Replacement Cartridges are also available. Cartridges should be replaced approximately every two months (sold separately).

Active OH Radical Disinfection

The AirVaccine 015+ is a safe and reliable way of producing hydroxyl radicals, meaning it is able to continuously reproduce nature's method of killing airborne infections, from organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Effective in small and large spaces (100 ft² up to approximately 1000 ft²). Ideal for your home, office, or even care homes and hospital wards, this unit also destroys the pollutants on cloth surfaces and furniture in the room.

They say sunlight is the best of disinfectants, and while we now know its ultraviolet light can kill microbiological pathogens, we also know this isn't restricted to just the surfaces it shines on (including water) -- it also extends to surrounding areas when it produces hydroxyl radicals through a reaction between its energy, water vapour and the olefins in plants.

Often called the "detergent" (or even "scrubbing bubbles") of the atmosphere, these hydroxyl (or 'OH') radicals are highly reactive and non-selective intermediates, which react very rapidly with nearly any organic or inorganic compounds they encounter to strip a hydrogen atom away from them, which destabilizes their structural integrity and renders them harmless.

The Air Vaccine 015+ Air Disinfection System generates hydroxyl radicals to neutralize bacteria, viruses, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), as well, but does so by substituting hydrogen peroxide for the plant material and a small electrical field in place of the UV light, to produce the same reaction.

Historical Background

We all know that we feel better and breathe better in the open air, by the seaside or high on a mountain. The disinfection characteristics of open air were known to Louis Pasteur over 150 years ago when he began to develop vaccination. The cleansing effect was assumed to be from sunlight. In the 1960s, research proved that bacteria and viruses are killed in the open air, as rapidly at night as during the day. Scientists called the effect the Open Air Factor and they proved that it was created by naturally occurring materials. As the threat of biological attack waned so did funding for the research. A dedicated group of scientists and engineers continued the work. They proved that this unknown factor, that doesn't exist in enclosed spaces, is the key to not only cleaning the fresh air, but a key part of our immune system's protection against infection. And they proved that the Open Air Factor is the hydroxyl radical, OH.

The Hydroxyl Radical

Hydroxyl radicals are generated in a number of reactions essential to life. In the body, hydroxyl radicals are produced by cells to kill invading pathogens as an essential part of the body's natural defense systems.

In the open air, hydroxyl radicals are produced by the reaction of ozone and olefins, the natural scents of flowers and plants. Often called "nature's disinfectant," the hydroxyl radical is an essential part of the cleaning and disinfection action of the air. The hydroxyl radical is a transient piece of energy: it has a life of less than a millionth of a second. However, if it reacts with molecules in, for instance, a bacterium or a virus, that reaction will in turn produce more hydroxyl radicals.

The effect is known as a "cascade." What it means is that if a room, or office, or any enclosed space, is filled with bacteria and viruses, the low level output of the AirVaccine 015+ is effective in disinfecting that room. But, once cleaned, the low level of output of the machine remains entirely safe ... just like the open air.

Filtration versus Disinfection

Traditional air filter systems collect bigger particles in the filter, while smaller particles pass through. And unless they are also equipped with a UV filter, they aren't able to kill viruses or bacteria. Moroever, when humidity increases to certain levels, traditional filters can become a breeding ground of pollutants, unless regularly replaced. Air Vaccine does not remove or trap fine dust particles. This machine's focus is to eliminate airborne and surface pathogens including mold spores and dust mites, VOCs, and odors.

How it Works

The key to the AirVaccineO15+ is an apparatus providing safe and effective volume of OH radicals to an indoor environment, which involves creating an electrical field (a "Corona Discharge") to ionize the oxygen and ambient moisture in the incoming air which reacts with the hydrogen peroxide in the replaceable cartridge to form OH radicals. The OH released into the air from the Air Vaccine operates by attacking the particles (both airborne and on the surfaces) at the molecular level, irrespective of the particle size. In addition to viruses and bacteria, it eliminates fungus, spores, mold and dust mites.

The OH radicals produced by the Air Vaccine O15+ kill them by the mechanism of cell lysing (deactivating), resulting in damage to nucleic acids, structural and functional properties in capsid proteins enveloping microbes in the air and surfaces, for example by abstraction of a hydrogen atom.

In other words, hydroxyl radicals attack the porous cell walls of bacteria and viruses which destroys them through the process known as cell lysing. Human, animal and plant cells are "designed" to be in the sunlight and have cell walls that are less porous and are not harmed by atmospheric hydroxyl radicals.

How do I know it works?

Years of testing in independent laboratories have shown that the AirVaccine 015+ will kill over 98% of bacteria or viruses in a room in less than one hour. E.g., stringent testing by Korea Conformity Laboratories found it can remove 95% of VOCs and 99.9% of Bacteria (e.g. E. Coli), 99.84% of Vaccinia Virus (e.g. Smallpox), 98.03% of Influenza Type A Virus (e.g. H1N1).

Odor Removal: Air Vaccine produces OH which help to remove any odors by breaking up the molecules producing them -- including VOCs, ammonia, toluene, formaldehyde, light amines, sulfur, smoke, and washroom odors.

24 Hour Operation: The AirVaccine015+ operates continuously to provide the maximum benefits.

Large Space Coverage: The AirVaccine015+ is designed for use in any room or enclosed space, from rooms as small as 10 square metres up to area as large as 100 square metres (roughly 100 ft² up to 1000 ft²).

Proven Technology: The AirVaccine015+ adopts the UK military/defense designed technology, which is chosen to protect secondary infection in hospitals among advanced countries.

Safe Technology: The AirVaccine015+ poses no hazard to people or animals. The output of the AirVaccine015+ is carefully designed to provide an atmosphere that is as safe and as healthy as that found by the seaside on a sunny day, or on a mountain surrounded by wild flowers or pine trees.

This OH Radical Air Disinfection System is NOT one of those types of discredited machines that would be classified as an ozone generator or an ozone emitting air purifier. And unlike Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) machines, it does not generate the hydroxyl radicals by means of a UV light (which is also associated with ozone production). Its ozone output is 0.03 ppm, well below the WHO and FDA emission standard of 0.05 ppm, even though it can produce up to ten time more OH radicals than PCO machines.

Does this unit damage the helpful bacteria we need in our bodies? No. The helpful bacteria we need for our digestive system are called anaerobes: they exist in places without oxygen. The harmful infectious bacteria and viruses float through the air we breathe; they need oxygen to survive, and it is these organisms that the hydroxyl radicals produced by the AirVaccine015+ kills.

Refills: The AirVaccine015+ switches itself off when the cartridge is exhausted; simply replace the cartridge with a new one and switch the machine back on. A warning buzzer sounds as the time for replacement of the refill cartridge approaches. With 24-hour usage (which is recommended, to get a better cascade reaction to regenerate the inital OH radicals into peroxyradicals, the refill cartridge should be replaced every two months.

Technical Specifications

Power consumption is 2.4 watts, and noise level is maximum 35dB. Size: 345 mm (Width) x 136 mm (Length) x 241 mm (Height). Weight: 1.42 Kg.

Download the Air Vaccine User Manual [PDF] (0.3 MB)

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