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Jar of Alpha Red Palm Oil

Alpha - Red Palm Oil

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Info: 475 ml (16.1 fl oz) Glass Jar

Alpha Red Palm Oil is unrefined and cold-pressed in order to maintain the rich beta-carotene content, which gives the oil its beautiful orangey-red colour, CoQ10 and Vitamin E antioxidant benefits.  A healthy combination of fatty acids, red palm oil contains saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids.  Considerably more heat stable than other vegetable sourced oils, red palm oil is resistant to high heat, retaining its valuable nutrients when heated, and adds nutrition and colour to any dish. 

Product Notes:

Alpha Health's Red Palm Oil is sustainably sourced, and is not a GMO product.  Red Palm Oil is extremely resistant to oxidation and rancidity. 


Non-GMO red palm oil, sustainably sourced.

Suggested Usage:

Use in high heat cooking for adding excellent nutritional qualities, beautiful colour and additional flavour. Cook, bake and deep fry with red palm oil as desired. Many people favour red palm oil for its potential to benefit blood cholesterol by reducing LDL and improving cholesterol ratios and take it alone.
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