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Always Bearded - Beard Brush or Comb

Always Bearded - Beard Brush or Comb

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Oh, what a tangled web we weave, if we fail to practice grooming our cheeks! Seriously, an unkempt beard can look like a real squirrel's nest and be very off-putting; it should be regularly combed or brushed. Get the right tools for the job: these two quality wood-handled items are made specifically for properly maintaining beards without neglecting the face underneath.

Product Notes:

Most combs and brushes aren't up to the task of tending beards -- they're either too small and flimsy, so they break (or too big, to manage the contours well). Some can't get in deep enough to exfoliate the underlying skin (which helps blood flow to the facial hair's roots, for better growth); or they're too fine-toothed or -bristled, so they get stuck and tear hair out. Some products generate static, making hairs stick out; ...or they just look lame. These get the job done right, and in style.

Always Bearded Beard Brush lying on its back, showing bristles

Boar Bristle Beard Brush: The handle, which is 4-3/4" long and 2.5" wide, is made of pear wood, and has finger notches / grooves on the side, for better gripping. The 7/10" long natural boar bristles (which were ethically harvested) are of medium strength: gentle enough to spread the residual products and natural oils in your hairs around to produce a more conditioned and naturally healthier beard without damaging it, but strong enough to exfoliate the skin underneath the beard to foster better blood flow and growth.

Always Bearded Anti-Static Maple Beard Comb in front of its box

Made of 100% maple wood (which has been left naturally unfinished, so there won't be any varnish chipping off in your bear or oils being transferred as a finish wears off) these large combs glide through your beard, as shown in the video below, and will not transfer static (unlike plastic combs).

Suggested Usage:

Comb: Regular beard combing will train beard hairs to better lay down straight rather than curl in several different directions. Comb with the wide-toothed side first to get through any knots or unruly hairs without any tugging, and finish off with the fine-toothed side. Best results are achieved when used after applying Always Bearded grooming products.

Brush: Brush through beard and down to skin in circular motions. Best results are achieved when used after applying Always Bearded Lifestyle™ beard grooming products. Recommended for brushing twice daily (morning and before bed) to allow for a softer and healthier beard.

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Anti-Static Maple Beard Comb - $14.99 - UPC: 737212743622
Boar Bristle Beard Brush - $19.99