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Always Bearded - Beard Care Products
Always Bearded - Beard Care Products

Always Bearded - Beard Care Products

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Info: Available in a Choice of Two Scents*

Based in Barrie, Ontario, Always Bearded Lifestyle is dedicated to making and offering everything you need to maintain a good-looking, healthy beard, using only safe, natural ingredients.

Product Notes:

The Always Bearded products available here include a combination Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (to clean, condition and nourish both the facial skin and the beard hair); Beard Oil (a conditioning oil to soften and moisturize the beard hair and skin); a Beard Balm (a styling aid which provides volumized structure for unruly beard hair); and a Moustache Wax (to help shape unruly moustaches or keep them from drooping). Their Beard Brush and Beard Comb are also available.

Without the proper care, a full grown beard can cause almost unbearable itching and discomfort when it's first coming in, or be very unsightly and off-putting if it's not regularly tended to. And, as with scalp hair, there are several aspects to doing that right: not only washing, conditioning, and nourishing the actual hair, but also the underlying skin which roots and sustains it; and because facial hair is so different (typically not only much thicker but also far curlier, with a 'mind of its own' for what direction to grow), neither ordinary soaps nor shampoos do very well, and there's often a need for some type of styling product to help get and keep it in the right shape.

* Each type of product comes in a choice of scents listed in the second drop-down menu above, which might be abbreviated as an 'ELP' one that's "crisp... and truly refreshing yet very clean," or a 'BYC' one that provides "a clean citrus scent with a hint of smoky musk."


Beard Balm: Argan Oil / Jojoba Oil / Apricot Kernel Oil / Grapeseed Oil / Natural Beeswax / Cocoa Butter / Shea Butter / Blend of Essential Oils.

Beard Cream: Hemp Seed Oil Butter / Abyssinian Oil / Arrowroot Powder / Blend of Essential Oils.

Beard Oil: Argan Oil / Jojoba Oil / Apricot Kernel Oil / Grapeseed Oil / Blend of Essential Oils.

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner: Deionized Water / Disodium Cocoamphodiacetat / Decyl Glucoside / Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate / Glycerin Pea Peptide / Abyssinian Oil / Levulinic Acid / Sodium Levulinate / Glyceryl Caprylate / Hemp Seed Oil / Aloe Vera Juice / Chamomile Extract / Citric Acid / Blend of Essential Oils.

Moustache Wax: Jojoba Oil / Coconut Oil / Natural Beeswax / Blend of Essential Oils.

In each case, the "Blend of Essential Oils" is either Eucalyptus, Lime and Distilled Pine Scotch Needle, or Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Distilled Cedarwood, depending on which of the two scents is selected.

All these products contain only natural ingredients, and have been screened and granted the CertClean certification of approval (Canada's only health centered certification mark for beauty products).

Suggested Usage:

Beard Balm: Want something to help style, fill out, AND protect your beard which even helps your skin at the same time? This the balm: a wax-based styling aid which not only provides hold to help tame curly and fly-away hairs, but also adds volume to the thinner areas by keeping everything together, and provides a protective layer against environmental irritants, and seals in moisture to prevent the beard hair from drying out, while also fighting itchy dry skin.

To apply: Scoop some out, by holding the opened tin with one hand, and scraping some product off the surface with the nail of a finger of the other (by 'planing' it, away from you), using you accumulate some about the size of that nail in circumference. Plop it into your other palm and warm it up by rubbing your palms together until it's melted, then apply it throughout the beard and work it down into to the skin, using your fingers and hands, before combing it through and styling it into place. It's recommended that you use this right after applying the beard oil of the same scent; like it, this amount should cover 2 months of daily use for someone with a medium length beard.

The Beard Cream functions as a leave-in conditioning cream, providing many of the same benefits as the Beard Oil (see below) and Beard Balms combined. Some may prefer it as an alternative to the beard oil, particularly in the initial stages of a beard's growth, with its providing a non-oily matte finish, and being absorbed more quickly into the skin. It, too, seals in moisture, and provides a layer of protection from dehydration; fights dry, itchy skin; prevents beard dandruff; helps make the facial hair more manageable; and softens facial hair (right from scruff to full length beard). And for those who are just starting to grow their beards out (or who are about to), please note, these creams can provide a boost of protein which may be particularly beneficial for the keratin formation during the early stage of new hair growth, since they feature hemp seed butter, which contains all 21 known amino acids.

To apply: Best used directly after a warm shower, due to the skin pores being opened from the steam. Scrape a fingertip amount of cream into palm. Rub palms together and apply evenly throughout beard and into facial hair.

Beard Oil: Beard Oil should be a daily staple throughout the life cycle of a beard, starting from scruff, to make it more palatable to both you and others. It has many functions: fighting itchy, dry skin; preventing 'beardruff' (beard dandruff); softening the hair; repairing and strengthening the hair's fibers, all the way down to the root; and conditioning and de-stressing the hair, which helps it lay down better. A little does a long way, though: a 30 ml bottle will last 2 months of daily use for a medium length beard.

To apply: best used directly after shower, after the skin pores have been open by the steam. Shake a few drops into hand, or remove inner restriction cap and pour desired amount into hand for longer beards. Distribute evenly through beard and down to skin with fingers and hands, before combing through into place. The best results can be achieved when combined with a beard balm of the same scent, to seal in countless hours of leave-in conditioning.

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner: These 2-or-more-in-1 products are specially formulated to remove the trapped-in smells, food particles, and excess oils from the hair while maintaining its proper pH level, and to clean and exfoliate the skin and pores beneath without irritating them (in fact, they include of Aloe Vera and Chamomile extracts to help soothe dry skin)

To apply: While in the shower, massage some into the wet beard to form a rich foamy lather, and leave it in for at least a minute or two before rinsing off. Pat your beard dry after the shower, and follow up with other Always Bearded Lifestyle grooming products to perfect your beard game. It's recommended you only wash your beard every 2 to 3 days, unless absolutely necessary.

Moustache Wax: This is designed to keep your moustache in place, and out of your mouth, in a well-crafted shape, with just the right amount of hold to feel natural (and without feeling overly waxy or sticky)… while also adding some volume and moisturizing and conditioning both the hair and the skin underneath and having some anti-dandruff properties.

To apply: twist the bottom ring of the lip-balm style applicator tube to raise the wax to make it accessible; scrape a small amount* off with your fingernail; and put it between your index finger and thumb and rub them together to melt it; then apply it to your moustache with those fingers, and shape it as desired. *(The amounts needed vary, as do the preferences; apply a small amount to start, and add more as needed.) Reapply as needed throughout day.


Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For topical application only -- not for ingestion. Should be patch tested on small area of skin first, before use. Discontinue use if rash or irritation occurs. Allergy alert: some types are manufactured on shared equipment -- may contain traces of nut oils.

Product Options:
Beard Balm (2 oz Tin) / Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood - $19.99
Beard Balm (2 oz Tin) / Eucalyptus+Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle - $19.99
Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (120 ml/4 oz Bottle) / Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood - $19.99
Beard Shampoo & Conditioner (120 ml/4 oz Bottle) / Eucalyptus+Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle - $19.99
Beard Oil (30 ml/1 fl oz Bottle) / Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood - $24.99
Beard Oil (30 ml/1 fl oz Bottle) / Eucalyptus+Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle - $24.99
Beard Cream (120 ml/4 fl oz Jar) / Bergamot + Ylang with Distilled Cedarwood - $24.99 - UPC: 628250643169
Beard Cream (120 ml/4 fl oz Jar) / Eucalyptus+Lime with Distilled Pine Scotch Needle - $24.99