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Amaircare - AC Adaptor for Model XR-100

Amaircare - AC Adaptor for Model XR-100

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For use with the Amaircare model XR-100 Portable Auto Air Filtration System (sold separately, but no longer available here), which comes standard with an automotive cigarette lighter plug cord, but can work indoors as well, with this 120 Volt AC (Alternating Current) to 12 Volt DC (Direct Current) adapter, which fits in standard outlets, so you can bring it in to use it in your home, office, or garage, or motel or other sleeping rooms when traveling.

Product Notes:

The specifications for this Model PG-48-1280UC Adaptor for the XR-100 Portable Auto Filter are listed below. Please note, this differs from the one which is made for Roomaid and Roomaid Mini purifiers, whose specifications are shown in the photo below, and is also has a different size and shape and Amaircare part number.

Specifications for Amaircare Part No. 95-A-1KNA-AD for XR-100:

Input: 120V AC 60Hz 14.5W
Output: 12V DC
Current: DC 800 mA

Specifications for Amaircare Part No. 95-A-2KNA-AD for Roomaids:

Specifications for the Adapter for the Roomaid models

UPC / Barcode: 95-A-1KNA-AD