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Amaircare - Roomaid with HEPA & VOC Filtration (Pre-Order)

Amaircare - Roomaid with HEPA & VOC Filtration (Pre-Order)

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Info: Portable Air Purifier with HEPA & VOC Filters

Info: Portable Air Purifier with HEPA & VOC Filters

Due to increased demand, we currently have no stock of these items and Amaircare is currently experiencing an extensive backlog of orders due to the pandemic. However, you can still pre-order them here for delivery as soon as we are able to acquire them.

Shipping included in Canada. This Portable HEPA and VOC Air Filtration System is an ideal choice both for office/cubicle workers and for sales reps, truckers, or others who travel and occupy different offices or accommodations frequently. It's small enough to fit on a desk or to take with you - and it even operates in vehicles, since it can plug into a lighter, and consumes very little power - yet powerful enough to purify all the air in pretty much any vehicle and most small offices, hotel rooms, or work spaces.

Product Notes:

Amaircare Roomaid in Slate

Roomaid from Amaircare can purify your small space – not only of dust and the standard allergens, but also of cigarette smoke and a whole range of airborne chemicals and gases such as ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, or toluene (known collectively as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs).

The Roomaid provides three stages of filtration to offer relief not only from the small particles generally associated with triggering asthma or allergies, but also from harmful airborne chemicals and gases which might be in your immediate environment, such as car fumes, or off-gassing from the equipment or materials in the room. It captures the large visible particles with its outer prefilter; the small particulates with its True HEPA filter; and tackles odors and those airborne chemicals and gases with the VOC canister in the center.

If you are not as concerned about the possible presence of strong odors or higher concentrations of airborne chemicals and gases, you can get a unit with a standard Carbon Inner Blanket for the final stage, instead, through our Amaircare Roomaid Portable Air Filtration page.

This portable air purifier is recommended for areas up to 300 square feet (assuming a standard 8 foot ceiling), where it can provide 8 ACH (Air Changes per Hour).

It has a 5-year limited warranty from the date of purchase: with a 5 year warranty for the motor/fan, and 1 year for all the other component parts (except filters).

Roomaid's 3-Stage Filtration

Roomaid filtration parts before assembly

Stage 1 Prefilter: The machine washable 1/8" foam sleeve which stretches over the HEPA filter removes dust, carpet fibers, lint, and (pet) hair. A spare one is included with the initial purchase.

Stage 2 True HEPA filter: With 17 square feet of pleated material, this cartridge (which easily snaps on into place over the VOC canister in the middle when you position its four pegs over the corresponding holes) targets small particulates such as Bacteria; Dust Mites; Fungus Spores; Pet Dander; Pollen; Radon Progeny; Skin Flakes; Tobacco Smoke; Viruses; Wood Smoke. It is 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns.

Stage 3 is accomplished by:
- The VOC Canister included with this purchase, which consists of Granulated Carbon pellets (145 g = 159,500 square meters absorption surface area) encased in a steel meshed canister, to remove the VOCs in the air which can be emitted from such things as aerosol sprays, carpets, cleaning supplies, dry-cleaned clothes, electronic devices, furniture or paneling, office equipment (such as photocopiers), paints, adhesives, or glues (or their thinners or solvents), wallpaper, and fuel or exhaust fumes. It also targets: Bacteria; Cooking Odour; Pet Odour; Pet Dander; Tobacco Smoke; Wood Smoke; and Viruses.

- The Roomaid can also operate with the standard Carbon Inner Blanket, to reduce odours and remove some chemicals or gases. This is a 1/2" thick, non-woven polyester filter media imbued 200% with Activated Carbon (26g = 25,600 sq. m absorption surface area) which gets rolled up and inserted in the middle.


Delivered Airflow: 20 to 40 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
Dimensions: 8.5" round, 7.5" high
Controlled By: a 2-Speed, 3 Position Manual Switch
Power Consumption: 5 Watts per Hour
Power Connection: comes equipped with a 12v DC Adaptor on a 7 foot long cord with a standard North American plug, for running on 115 AC current
Power Consumption: 5 Watts per hour
Outflow: 360°
Noise Rating at 6 feet: 40 to 47 dBA
Motor: Backward curved impeller
Construction for the Housing: 24 gauge steel, durable baked thermoset powder finish

This video shows how the various filters fit together in the Roomaid, for when it comes time to replace them. The Replacement Filters/Accessories for it available through Aviva include: 1) Roomaid Standard Annual Filter Replacement Kits; 2) Plus Annual Kits (including VOC Canister); and 3) HEPA Snap-On Cartridges. (All sold separately.)

Recommended Filter Life for Each Stage with Regular Use:

- Pre-Filter: 12 months (check every 3 months, to vacuum or hand wash it then)
- HEPA Filter: 2 to 5 years (check every 2 years; replace when the media's outside surface has turned dark)
- Central V.O.C. Canister: 12 months (replace every year, or when there is a noticeable increase in the presence of odours)
- Standard Carbon Filter inner blanket, in lieu of the VOC Canister: 4 to 6 months (or when there's a noticeable increase in odors)

Product Options:
Slate (Model 03-A-3KSL-00) - $299.99
Pure White (Model 03-A-3KWP-00) - $299.99