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Ankarsrum Double Beater Head with Balloon Whip Beaters mounted
Ankarsrum Double Beater Head with Cookie Whips
Ankarsrum Cookie Whips / Beaters
Ankarsrum Double Beater Set with Bowl

Ankarsrum Assistent - Double Beater Cookie Whip and/or Head Attachment

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Info: Available as Double Cookie Beaters alone or with a Head &/or Bowl Included

These cookie, cake, biscuit or other light batter whisks are for use exclusively with the Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine (previously marketed as the Assistent Original) and its Meat Grinder/Food Mincer attachment and the Double Beater Bowl.

Product Notes:

The Cookie Whisks are intended for lighter sorts of shortcrust pastry; or for only small quantities of pie pastry or pizza dough; or for mixing up icing/frosting. They are only suitable for mixing doughs or batters with a fair amount of liquid in them -- not for something as thick and heavy as bread dough. (For that, you should use the Dough Hook.)

A replacement Double Beater Head is also available as an option. This head can hold either the cookie whisks, as shown in one of the photos with the beaters mounted in the head, or a pair of Balloon Whip Beaters (which have multiple loops, as shown in the other photos). These ones are intended for whipping air into very light liquids such as cream or eggs / meringues; they can be used for whisking volumes or quantities of between 100 and 800 ml (3.5 to 27 oz) of cream; or 2 to 20 egg whites; or 0.5 to 2.5 litres (0.5-2.5 quarts) of light pancake batter; or 1 to 3 batches of sponge mix.

A pair of both of these types of whips / whisks / beaters is included with the Head.

You can also purchase this bundle of the replacement Head plus the cookie whips and balloon beaters, along with a 3.5 L Plastic Bowl to replace the Double Beater Bowl are designed for. This bowl is clear / transparent like the ones shown in the product image and the first video, rather than completely white like the ones which originally came with many machines.

Suggested Usage:

Cleaning: Wash the whisks by hand. The whisking bowl is dishwasher safe.

This first instructional video above shows how to assemble and use the cookie whips/beaters. The next one shows how to attach and use the Double Beater to whip cream or egg whites to meringues, using the balloon beaters.

Product Options:
Cookie Whips alone - $62.99 - UPC: 7350061080194
Double Beater Head w/ Cookie & Balloon Whips - $142.99
Both Double Beaters with Head & 3.5L Plastic Bowl - $149.99 - UPC: 7350061080170