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Ankarsrum Dough Hook

Ankarsrum Assistent - Dough Hook

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Info: Two Types Available, for Either Older or Newer Series Models

This high quality heavy duty stainless steel Dough Hook comes standard with the Ankarsrum Original Stand Mixer, but if yours has disappeared on you, you can replace it here. It is designed to be used on especially heavy or large batches of bread doughs or cookie or cake batters, which were a bit too much for the scraper or roller in the standard Baking Accessories Package to deal with. Choose the one you need depending on whether your Ankarsrum (or older Electrolux Magic Mill Assistent or Verona) model is newer (with N25 up to N30 (or possibly higher) in the model number), or is a Classic model (N21 through N24.

Suggested Usage:


There is a risk of injuries from getting crushed between the rotating bowl and the dough hook. Never stick your hands or any external objects into the bowl while the machine is running.

Product Options:
For Newer models (models N25 through N30 or on) - $112.00 - UPC: 7350061080156
For Classic Machines (models N21 through N24) - $114.99 - UPC: 7350061080163