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Ankarsrum Assistent Flour and Coffee Grinder or Grain Mill Accessory
Coffee and Grain Mill Accessory mounted on an Ankarsrum Assistent
A caffeinated beverage prepared with the help of the Ankarsrum Assistent Flour and Coffee Grinder

Ankarsrum Assistent - Coffee and Flour Grinder / Grain Mill Accessory

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Info: Attachment for Milling Grains or Grinding Coffee

S&H included in Canada. This attachment is for use exclusively with the Ankarsrum Original kitchen machine (which has also marketed as the Ankarsrum or Electrolux Assistent Original). Use it to grind your own flour from wheat or other grains of your choosing, or even to grind coffee.

This mill is only designed for grinding grains; and is also appropriate for dried herbs, spices, or mushrooms; or for poppy seeds; or for soya or coffee beans.

Suggested Usage:

Fit the grain mill onto the machine. Pour in up to 1,250 g (44 oz) of whatever you want to be ground, and set it to the desired degree of coarseness. (The coarseness can also be adjusted during operation.) Run the machine on medium speed.

The adjustment section is not washable; wiping it with a dry cloth or sweeping it with a fine brush is sufficient. The feed tray is dishwasher safe.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080385