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Ankarsrum Assistent Stainless Steel Bowl

Ankarsrum Assistent - Stainless Steel Bowl

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Info: Replacement Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

If the large 7-litre (8 quart) capacity specially designed Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl which came with your Ankarsrum Quality Food Mixer has gone missing or been damaged somehow (or if you sometimes use your Ankarsrum so much you have two batches of items on the go, or don't have enough time to wash the bowl between doing two different types of preparations), you can order a brand new Replacement for it here. Free Shipping in Canada.

Suggested Usage:

Fits all Ankarsrum machine models (as well as the ones under the Electrolux Assistent or Magic Mill Assistent DLX 2000 brands). Dishwasher Safe.

UPC / Barcode: 7350061080088