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Package for Relaxus Anti-Nausea Wristbands
Relaxus Anti-Nausea Wristbands

Relaxus - Anti-Nausea Wristbands

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Info: Set of 2 Acupressure Wrist Bands

Say goodbye nausea and hello to happy travels, or to a more pleasant pregnancy, or simply a safer, drug-free relief. Anti-Nausea Wristbands are a safe, natural, and easy way to prevent or provide relief from multiple types of nausea by using acupressure on a key point on the wrist, and are thus an excellent choice for both adults and children (age 3 and older).

Product Notes:

Nausea can be induced by many things such as motion or travel sickness, morning sickness due to pregnancy, or a hangover effect (not only from alcohol, but also from anaesthesia or chemotherapy). Some forms of relief can be quite problematic, by being overly sedating, for example - but not the Anti-Nausea Wristbands!

To be effective, simply use both wrist bands at once, positioning them as described in the simplified Suggested Usage directions below.

The package contains two wristbands plus instructions. The wristbands are a stretchy fabric loop (which is a little over an inch wide, and starts out as about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, and can expand to about 3-1/2 inches in diameter) which incorporates a 1/2-inch diameter plastic acupressure node (which is round on the inside of the wrist where it will make contact, and flat on the outside).

Suggested Usage:

The Relaxus Set 2 Go Anti-Nausea Wristbands are designed to work by applying pressure on the Nei Kuan (P6 or PC6) pressure point, which is where the white stud on the bracelet will be centred. That point is located three finger widths (of the user's fingers) below the crease of the wrist, between the two tendons. To apply, simply place the wristband over the wrist with the plastic stud facing inside, over that spot.

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