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Relaxus - Aqua Gel Massage Insoles with Magnets
an Aqua Gel Massage Insole with Magnets
Relaxus - Aqua Gel Massage Insoles with Magnets

Relaxus - Aqua Gel Massage Insoles with Magnets

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Info: Available in Two Sizes

Shoe insoles wear out, and some aren't so great to begin with, so if it's time to replace or supplement yours, why not try something different? With their unique combination of materials, design, and treatment modalities, these Aqua Gel Massage Insoles with Magnets not only provide added cushioning and shock absorption, but also a subtle, soothing massage as you walk, which may both relax your feet and reduce your fatigue as you go about your everyday activities.

Product Notes:

Composition, Design, and Activities:

- Glycerinum gel core, which moves slower than water, providing a subtle massage superior to other gels or liquids.

- Contoured indents, which guide the flow of the gel, creating tiny waves that act like gentle springs for your feet.

- Durable design absorbs shock and relieves pressure, especially from hard surfaces.

- Velour fabric cover, which provides a luxurious feel to your steps.

- 1000 Gauss Magnet in each arch.

- The combination of glycerinum gel and magnetic therapy may provide long-lasting comfort so you can take on the day.

Product Options:
S/M (Men's US 5 to 7; Women's 6 to 9) - $12.99 - UPC: 628949026969
L/XL (Men's US 8 to 11; Women's 10+) - $12.99 - UPC: 628949026983