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Relaxus Aromatherapy Celtic Locket pattern in Antique Bronze
All 6 styles of Relaxus Aromatherapy Lockets in their packages

Relaxus - Aromatherapy Lockets

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Info: Available in Bronze or Silver Colours, in Two Styles; Limited Quantity Remaining

Info: Available in Bronze or Silver Colours, in Two Styles; Limited Quantity Remaining

Aromatherapy on the go! If you or someone you care for enjoy the comforts and benefits of aromatherapy and wish that didn't need to be confined to a room with a diffuser, these attractive amulets or lockets can fulfill that wish. Enclosing felt pads (6 are included) can be infused with your desired scents, they diffuse through the openings on their front.

Product Notes:

The Aromatherapy Lockets come in two colours -- antique silver, or antique bronze (as shown in the photos) -- and in three sizes and shapes: a 3.2 cm diameter round shield shape with a Celtic pattern (shown in close-up in the initial product photo); a 2.8 cm diameter round broach shape with a 5-point Star in the centre with leaf-like designs in-between; and a 2.5 cm diagonal Heart shaped locket (which also has a star and leaf pattern on its face).

Each locket comes pre-attached to a claspless 40 cm (16 inch) long nickel-free chain in the same colour, although you can opt to detach and hang it on some other chain, if desired. (The chain is thus easy to put on, simply by looping it over your head, without needing to fasten a tiny clasp.)

Suggested Usage:

Open the locket and place a fresh essential oil pad in the centre. (Six pads are included - they can be reused for the same type of scent, or to create a blend. Replacement pads are also available if they eventually wear out, or you could cut your own out of similar felt material.)

Add 1 to 2 drops of either your favourite single note essential oil, or a blend.

To protect clothing from potential dribbles, allow the oil to completely absorb into the felt before wearing the necklace.

Close the locket securely, put it on around your neck, and enjoy.

Product Options:
Celtic Locket - "Antique Bronze" - $15.99
Celtic Locket - "Antique Silver" - $15.99