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Aurora - Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Aurora - Neck and Back Massager with Heat

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Info: AC-Powered Shiatsu Massager with Heat

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Bring a spa-like experience to the comfort of your own home with this device, which can rejuvenate your neck and back muscles and relieve them of even the deepest of knots and kinks.

Product Notes:

Want to be pampered? Or are you suffering from neck and shoulder pains and strains, headaches, and stress? How'd you like to have a deep, soothing shiatsu massage combined with the relaxation of therapeutic heat, any time you want?

Blood circulation is important, particularly in your neck and shoulders, which connect your head to the rest of your body. These areas are precisely where we feel stress with greater acuteness - in backaches and headaches - and impoverished blood flow in these areas can be detrimental, given the importance of blood for nourishing our brains and nervous systems. This is part of the reason massages aren't simply extravagant luxuries, but are in fact an essential part of good health. And this is precisely why Aviva is pleased to offer Aurora's neck and back massager with heat. Combining relaxing shiatsu massage with the stress-melting properties of gentle warmth, this massager helps to relax back and neck muscles and reinvigorate the blood flow so important for the optimal functioning of your body.


• Multi-purpose shiatsu massager alleviates neck, back, pains (or thigh, sole, and abdominal pains, if you position it there).

• Easily change the rotation of the massage heads with the convenient DR (direction) switch rotation button.

• Convenient button-activated heating function.

• Increases agility and flexibility.

• Improves circulation and promotes better sleep.

Suggested Usage:

1. Connect the power adaptor to the electrical outlet.

2. Press the power button to begin the massage. The heating function will turn on automatically.

3. To deactivate the heating function, press the heating button and vice versa.

4. Press the "DR" key to switch the direction of the massage heads from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice-versa.

5. Press the power button to stop the massage at any time.

UPC / Barcode: 857861004087