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AveoTSD - Anti-Snoring Aid / Sleep Apnea Device

AveoTSD - Anti-Snoring Aid / Sleep Apnea Device

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Shipping Included in Canada -- Good Health Through Quality Sleep. The Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device (TSD) is a simple, non-invasive and inexpensive medical appliance that provides a natural, easy solution for the treatment of problem snoring. The aveoTSD has been proven in clinical trials to be effective in treating sleep disordered breathing, comprising snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. 

Product Notes:

Easier to use and considerably more affordable than some other treatments, the aveoTSD is recommended by doctors and dentists, and can help treat your snoring and sleep apnea immediately. Over 92% efficacy with compliance!

Download the AveoTSD Brochure [PDF ~2MB]

Aveo TSD is a clinically proven medical device for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing including snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (sometimes called OSA). Made from soft medical silicone for comfort, the aveoTSD works by holding the tongue forward with gentle suction, preventing it from falling back against the back of the throat and blocking the airway during sleep.

The aveoTSD opens the airway more than any other oral appliance on a cross-sectional area basis. By keeping the airway open, air travels more slowly, reducing throat vibrations and diminishing or eliminating snoring. Holding the tongue forward is one of the most effective ways of keeping the airway open during sleep.

4mm and 7mm Uni-spacers may also be available for this unit; please contact us for details (store codes 19912 and 19913).

As an FDA-regulated medical device, a prescription is required for sale to the United States. Please contact us for additional information. A prescription is not required in Canada.


AveoTSD Reviews / Customer Testimonials

Hi Nathan, just a note to give you some feedback on the AVEO TSD (Tongue Stabilizing Device) oral device for sleep apnea. My husband was diagnosed a number of years ago with obstructive sleep apnea at the Sleep Clinic at St. Boniface Hospital. A dental device to position his jaw forward was recommended for him. It was custom made by a dentist in Winnipeg and cost more than $800. It caused significant TMJ discomfort and was difficult to tolerate and eventually broke. Since then, my husband has tried various pillows, etc. for positioning so that he remains on his side to sleep. This decreases his apnea but he experiences hip pain from sleeping on his side. We recently heard about the AVEO TSD from my son and bought one for my husband to try. It has taken him a little while to become accustomed to it but has found it has eliminated his apnea. He has a much better quality of sleep now. We just purchased a second one, as a spare. It is easy to travel with and is easy to clean. It does not pull the jaw forward, so no TMJ problems. It is a great product that could benefit many people.

- H. Perrett, Neepawa, MB

I have used the Aveo tsd for 3 years now. I have suffered from sleep apnea for the last 12 years. I use a bipap machine at high pressures. I use the tsd with my bipap machine to increase the airflow. The tsd is helpful to prevent snoring and may be sufficient for preventing some apneas. For me, the tsd picks up where the bipap machine leaves off. The bipap machine is prescribed by my pulmonologist. My tsd is prescribed by my dentist. I was wearing a jaw positioner initially but it was ruining my teeth alignment for chewing. The bipap machine is a life saver but it is by no means a perfect solution. When seals leak, hoses crush, sleeping positions hamper the effectiveness of the air flow, the Aveo tsd complements the bipap machine. When I camp or don't have access to my bipap machine or electrical power, the Aveo tsd lets me sleep without waking with a horrible headache or doing damage being deprived of oxygen. My oral configuration requires me to use the tsd with the large spacer. Since I also grind my teeth, the tsd is an excellent way to prevent that problem too. I might not be your choice of a sexy bed partner with constant air pressure exhausting from my bipap, my tongue sticking out in the tsd and diapers for adult onset bedwetting, but I'm not going to just give up. I'm fighting back. Sleep apnea has changed my life, but I'm not just going to roll over and let it kill me. My tsd is an important part of my fight against sleep apnea.

- Steve Roth, Florida

"I have found the AveoTSD to be an effective and easy to use device. It is actually quite comfortable to wear once you become accustomed to it. I wear it all the time now."

-- Dr. David Christie, DDS, Victoria, Canada

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Snoring is the health warning. Do you...

• disturb your partner's sleep?
• suffer from high blood pressure?
• have reflux episodes at night?
• feel tired during the day?
• fall asleep at inappropriate times?
• have morning headaches?
• awaken gasping for air?
• cause your partner to awaken you because you stop breathing?

Natural sleep apnea treatment: The aveoTSD anti-snoring device was developed in New Zealand over eight years of clinical research into snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

The aveoTSD does not attach to the teeth, and doesn't normally require fitting by a health professional. Consult your doctor.

Approved medical device: US FDA and Health Canada / Very effective and easy to use / Over 92 % efficacy / Simple to maintain / Portable - great for travelling.

The Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device may stop or help reduce sleep disordered breathing, reduces daytime sleepiness, alleviates nighttime reflux, lessens the incidence of morning headaches.

Benefits -- The aveoTSD is recommended for problem snoring because:

• Simple to use.
• Intuitive fit, doesn't require fitting from a specialist.
• Does not fit to the teeth or jaws like traditional mandibular advancement devices.
• Can be used immediately, requires no impressions, no adjustments and has no moving parts.
• It is indicated for patients without teeth
• It can be used for patients with periodontally compromised dentition
• Ideal for patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD/TMJ)
• It holds the tongue forward during sleep to prevent it from obstructing the airway
• It works by increasing the three-dimensional airway space


Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA): Snoring and symptoms of OSA may be alleviated by simple lifestyle changes such as losing weight, regular exercise, and avoiding alcohol, heavy meals and inappropriate medications before sleep. Medical treatment options of OSA include surgery, nasal CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) -- a machine which forces air to keep the airway open, fitted oral dental devices attached to the teeth to hold the lower jaw forward. The aveoTSD is now available for the treatment of OSA.

The aveoTSD anti-snoring aid is proven, effective, easy to maintain - it is placed as a low cost treatment, and can be a complementary device to CPAP, surgical intervention and/or medication.

• Stop or reduce snoring: enriching you and your partner's life through reduced sleep disturbances
• Effective treatment of sleep apnea: the gasping for breath while asleep
• Prevent the progression of sleep disordered breathing
• Reduce or stop daytime sleepiness and falling asleep at inappropriate times and the effect of this on your physical and intellectual performance
• Effective treatment for morning headaches

aveoTSD Specifications -- Material: 0.4 mm thick medical-grade silicone, L x H: 54 x 48 mm, Weight: 0.42 oz, Warranty: 6 months.

Quick Facts:

• Fits to the end of the tongue using gentle suction
• Intuitive fit requires no specialist fitting
• Requires no impressions or adjustments
• One size (standard medium) fits 95% of patients. Large size may be available by special request. Local Note: Custom fitting services are available in store on an appointment basis. If you are interested in an Aveo TSD fitting in Winnipeg, please contact us.

Registered by Health Canada for sale as an over the counter, Class 1 medical device. Approved by the US FDA as an anti-snoring medical device.

Video Transcription (from above)

We spend about one-third of our lives asleep, and the quality of that sleep can greatly affect our quality of life. At least 80 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders and studies show another 20 million struggle with occasional sleeping problems.

Problem snoring is a common sleep disorder that can affect people of any age. Snoring prevents the snorer and his or her sleep partner from getting a good night's sleep. Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the upper airway during sleep. If you have large tonsils, a long uvula (the small piece of soft tissue that can be seen dangling down from the soft palette over the back of the tongue), or excess flabby tissue in the throat, you are more likely to snore. All of these areas relax during sleep.

Other lifestyle factors like weight, alcohol consumption, and the use of tobacco or medications can also increase the likelihood of snoring. But the most common cause of snoring is a tongue muscle that becomes too relaxed during sleep. When relaxed, the tongue gets sucked back into the throat and obstructs the airway, as shown in this MRI image. When air is forced to travel rapidly through the narrowed airway, it causes relaxed soft tissues of the throat to vibrate. It is this vibration that creates the sound of snoring.

If sleepless nights due to snoring have become a common occurrence, take comfort in knowing there is a simple, affordable treatment. It's available here, at your doctor's office. It's called the aveoTSD. It's considered a revolutionary treatment for snoring. The aveoTSD is different from other anti-snoring devices because it attaches to the tongue instead of resting on your teeth. It stays on through gentle negative suction, ensuring the tongue is held forward during sleep.

The aveoTSD increases airway space by preventing the tongue from falling back in the throat, reducing air velocity and soft tissue vibrations, thereby reducing snoring. Unlike other anti-snoring devices, the aveoTSD is indicated for virtually anyone and does not require any impressions or molds of your mouth. The aveoTSD is even indicated for patients with TMJ or who wear dentures and are completely edentulous. It is truly the most conservative and versatile appliance currently available for the prevention and treatment of habitual snoring.

Robin B: Well, it was brought to my attention that I snore quite a bit. I have the bruises to prove it. Wasn't sure what to do so I told my dentist about it. She recommended that I try a device that moves the jaw forward. It helps bring the tongue forward, which opens the airway. The challenge with that device, while very comfortable to wear initially, is when I woke up, I had some discomfort in the TMJ area. So it helped me sleep better but then I had a negative side effect from having some pain. So the next step was to try this new device, which I'd heard about, which is a ... looks like a binky. So you basically attach it to your tongue with light suction. It moves the tongue forward and does the same thing without involving teeth or any connections. So I tried that and right from the get-go it was very comfortable. It was easy to get used to. The first couple nights I did lose it, so it was a matter of playing around with the amount of pressure to apply to get it to stay in place. But after a couple nights, I've been able to maintain it throughout and, amazingly enough, I sleep through the night and no complaints about snoring. The other benefit is that I certainly wake up more refreshed with a lot more energy. So it's a great product and I'm very happy to have discovered it.

As Robin explained, snoring is debilitating to daily life. People who suffer from snoring take in less oxygen and, as a result, may complain of gasping, irregular breathing during sleep, chronic fatigue, or falling asleep at inappropriate times. The problems created by snoring don't stop there. Morning headaches, forgetfulness, poor mental performance, nighttime reflux, GERD, or morning heartburn can occur.

It is now recognized that snoring can be a sign of bad health. Snoring is linked to high blood pressure, stroke, cardiovascular disorders, dementia, obesity, diabetes, depression, and even heart failure. For these reasons, it is important to speak to your doctor about problem snoring. An underlying health condition may come to light. Best of all, the treatment can begin immediately and results can be seen in as few as seven days. Save yourself from another sleepless night by talking to your doctor about the aveoTSD today and your long-awaited solution for snoring can begin working tonight.


No moderate or serious side-effects have been reported during the development years. Most of the minor side-effects reported are of a temporary nature, and occur only during initial usage. During initial usage, should discomfort or other perceived side-effects occur, stop using the aveoTSD until the cause is established. Either seek medical attention or review practice steps to correctly fitting the device.

As the Aveo TSD is sold for personal use, it is final sale (covered by a 6 month warranty).

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