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DoMatcha - Bamboo Tea Whisk
Matcha Whisk in a Ceremonial Matcha Bowl

DoMatcha - Bamboo Tea Whisk

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This admirable little tool, made from a single piece of bamboo, looks like a cross between a shaving brush and a French whisk. It is used to whisk our Matcha Tea into hot water or soymilk to create your own cup of Matcha Tea.

Not only is this tea full of health benefits, but it is delicious as well. After whisking, the tea is a remarkable brilliant green, frothy and somewhat thick. It's completely different from any other cup of tea.

Use along with their Hand Crafted Ceremonial Matcha Bowl (sold separately).

Suggested Usage:

Use with Matcha Green Tea Bowl to incorporate Matcha into hot water or soymilk.

The Bamboo Whisk (chasen) is the authentic, traditional tool to prepare a perfect cup of Matcha. Used skillfully, whisking in a zigzag motion until it becomes frothy, it will give the Matcha a smooth and frothy, light consistency, heightening the flavourful experience.

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