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Rainshow'r - Bernoulli Power Shower Head

Rainshow'r - Bernoulli Power Shower Head

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Info: Low Flow, High Pressure Polished Chrome Shower Head

The Bernoulli shower head was introduced as possibly the most innovative fixed shower head available, for two reasons.

First, as part of Rainshow'r's series of dechlorinating products, it was the first one specifically designed for use with a shower filter (although it also works perfectly well without one); we now carry two of their models this will work with. Considering the relatively bulky size of those point-of-use chlorine-removing filters, the fact that this unit is so small (about 5 cm in length) helps keep their combined size to a less obtrusive level.

Second, its Italian-influenced design uses the scientific Bernoulli principle (which concerns the pressure changes of fluids at increasing flow rates) to produce the best of both worlds: low flow (just 2.5 gallons per minute), to save water, sewage and heating costs; but at high pressure, by combining it with air, so it will feel like it's coming out at 5 gallons per minute or more, but without being so concentrated into focused streams that it feels like you're being poked with knitting needles.

Product Notes:

• Solid brass (6.7 oz) shower heads, crafted by American workers in the United States, with a Polished Chrome Finish.

• Fits all standard American plumbing. Conforms to U.S. Energy Policy Act: 2.5 GPM at 80 psi.

UPC Code: 747805100077