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BioBob #10XL Extra Large Car & Truck Sponge
BioBob #3 Non-Stick Ned Scrubber Sponge
BioBob #4 Tub Tuffy Scrubbing Sponge
Bio Sponge #5 The Cute One
BioBob #6 Hand Size Sponge
BioBob - Enviro-Ester Sponges
BioBob ##RO Round Bathroom or Kitchen Sponge
BioBob #7 Counter Buddy Sponge
BioBob #7E Elongated Dishes & Deep Glasses Sponge
BioBob #9 Wall & Floor Sponge
BioBob #10XL Extra Large Car & Truck Sponge
BioBob #11 Turtleback Sponge

BioBob - Enviro-Ester Sponges

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These sponges are currently unavailable from the manufacturer. You can sign up to be notified if/when they become available again. Alternatively, please see a selection of other natural cleaning products.

BioBob sponges have been handmade in Ontario for over 50 years using organic pigments and an 'enviro-ester' formulation that's free of formaldehyde and CFCs. These sponges with a micro-pore technology are both durable and a pleasure to work with.

Product Notes:

8 kinds of BioBob sponges

Biobob sponges are soft and versatile; they won't harm even glossy, fine or delicate finishes; they float; they're quite absorbent (except for the two scrubbers 'Ned' and 'Tub Tuffy'); their effectiveness improves with use, after each time you wring them out.

Made in Canada, these durable sponges can last for years. They can be machine washed (in hot water up to 212°F) and dried (they're dryer safe); they won't smell or harden after you've rinsed them, because they're cellulose-free. Sponges that harden over time are made of wood fibres which feed bacteria when wet.

Environmentally Friendly

Sponges certainly have their uses for a number of household cleaning and mopping up tasks, but they can be a bit of an environmental minefield, both within the house, if they wind up souring and outside, from their disposal. Not BioBob sponges – they all have a one year warranty from the company (except for the Tub Tuffy and Derma-Luxe); and they're not only biodegradable, but bio-reusable, since you can dispose of them by cutting them into pieces that are great to use in potting soil.

Please note: since these sponges are artisanally made and each one differs a little, the sizes may vary slightly from the dimensions listed below. Also, each sponge comes in various colours, not just the ones shown.

#3 Scrubob / Baking Soda Buddy (Originally: Non-Stick Ned)

A small (about 4-1/4 x 2-1/4 x 5/8 inch) scrubber which works very well with baking soda or cleaning pastes which can be used safely on all surfaces: even fiberglass and shiny plastic. Great for ceramic surfaces like stove tops.

#4 Scrubob / Baking Soda Buddy XL (Originally: Tub Tuffy)

A thicker version (about 4-1/8 x 2-7/8 x 7/8) of the above; great for cleaning tubs, tiles and sinks with either baking soda or your favorite liquid cleanser.

#5 The Cute One

The dimensions of this hand-sized sponge vary quite a bit: basically, it's whatever they can squeeze into a 6 by 4 inch Ziploc-style bag. Some are thinner, and are good for applying cleaning pastes onto your vehicle or creams or pastes onto shoes or other leather; some are thicker (e.g. one is a little over 4 x 2.5 x 1-3/8") which could be used either for doing dishes or as a travel-sized bath body sponge.

4 more kinds of BioBob sponges

#6 BC Derma-Luxe

These rectangular-shaped Body Cloths are designed for washing yourself in the shower with either soap (simply rub on your bar of soap, fold the sponge, and rub on more, to be able to produce maximum bubble power) or a shower gel (same directions, but use less than normal).

Their surface is about 6-1/4 by 4-1/4 inches – about the size of many paperback book covers – and most are a little over 1/4 inches deep. They have a finger-sized hole in one corner to hang them to dry.

#6RO Round

Somewhat larger than a puck (3-1/2" diameter by 1-3/8"), these palm-sized sponges could be your go-to kitchen helper for wiping up small spills, or a favourite of your children in the tub, or used for applying shoe polish.

#6 Hand Size

This thick rectangular sponge with rounded corners on the top is a familiar size for a sponge: about 5 x 3 x 1-3/8". Some use it as a body sponge in the bathtub, others for cleaning dishes or other items; and it's also large enough to tackle jobs like applying saddle soap or beeswax cream to leather furniture.

#7 Counter Buddy

This one is also rectangular with rounded edges on top, but is a little thinner and has slightly more surface than the #6 (at 5-1/4 x 3-1/4 x 1-1/4 inches), making it still thick enough to be able to wipe up big spills, but thin enough to wring out and break in quicker, so in addition to doing dishes and wiping up your counters with it, it's really good for dusting, cleaning crumbs, or wiping various types of shelving, or wiping grime off windows.

#7E Elongated Dishes & Deep Glasses Sponge

Like the name says, this fairly long, relatively narrow (6-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/4") sponge was designed especially for handwashing deep glasses or other dishes which you have difficulty reaching into with just your hand and a dishcloth. Even if the dish is deeper than the sponge, its originator reports you can just swish it around and fish it out with the end of a rubber spatula or wooden spoon.

#9 Wall & Floor

For those really big cleaning jobs, you want something with a big surface that's not too hard to wring out and doesn't dribble down your arm when cleaning a ceiling or wall, so this 7-1/2 by 4-1/2 by 1 inch rectangular sponge does the trick nicely.

#10XL Extra Large Car & Truck

If you're cleaning a big car, truck, or boat and want to be able to scoop up plenty of soapy water and apply it over large areas at once to make short work of it, this is the one for you. At 7-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 2 inches, this dictionary-sized brick can hold up to 2 pounds of liquid!

By the same token, after it's been worked in and wrung out a number of times, it can also absorb plenty of water, so you can use it for mopping up major spills or leaks, as well.

BioBob number 10 IND Gyproc Drywall Sanding Block sponge in use

#10 IND: the Gyproc Drywall Sanding Block

Although not part of the normal repertoire of cleaning sponges we stock, this denser and slightly more expensive model which can be used in construction can be brought in by special order.

BioBob users have reported several uses for it: 1) as a means of sanding or smoothing the coats of drywall joint compound, without kicking up a lot of fine dust (the sponge is to be wet, when doing this in circular motions, and this can be done even if the drywall 'mud' isn't fully dry, yet); 2) as a cement sponge (to 'float' or spread cement with it, rather than using a trowel); or 3) as a means of smoothing the lines of grout you add to joints when installing bathroom tiles.

#11 Turtleback

Turtleback sponges are rectangular and flat on the bottom and arch up on two sides to a smaller surfaced top, so the dimensions here are a little over 6 inches by over 3-1/2 on the bottom by about 3-1/2 inches square on top for a solid grip, by about 2 inches deep. People use turtleback sponges for sponge painting, or wallpaper cleaning or car cleaning, among other things.


Biobob sponges are not to be used with paint thinner or nail polish remover. These act as solvents to the polyester, voiding the 1 year warranty which most of these sponges come with (all but the Tub Tuffy and Derma-Luxe Body Cloth types).

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