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Bionette - Electronic Allergy Relief Device

Bionette - Electronic Allergy Relief Device

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Bionette is a revolutionary medical device that may help deliver relief from allergies, hay fever, and symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

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Product Notes:

The Bionette is a small battery-operated device which uses low-level narrow band red light technology, a clinically proven solution for treating allergic rhinitis which can provide significant reductions in the severity of sneezing, running nose, tearing eyes and itchy mouth/palate in the majority of hay fever sufferers without drugs or nasty side effects. Bionette can pay for itself within a single hay fever season by reducing or even eliminating your reliance on allergy medications, and it won't lead to drowsiness, agitation or difficulty sleeping as many allergy medications do.

To use Bionette, simply press the buttons on the side to activate the lights, insert the twin prongs into each nostril, and let it shine on the nasal membranes for about four and a half minutes, two or three times a day, starting when your hay fever symptoms first appear (fewer applications may be required after the first couple weeks).

Bionette uses two 3v cr2032 lithium batteries (four batteries are included).

Warranty: Two-year guarantee on the functioning of the product.

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