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Biopods - Performance Insole System

Biopods - Performance Insole System

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Info: Available in Many Different Sizes; Limited Quantity Remaining

Clinically tested and doctor recommended. Founded on modern therapeutic principles, BioPods work like an exercise program in your shoes to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment throughout your feet, legs, hips and back.

Info: Available in Many Different Sizes; Limited Quantity Remaining

Clinically tested and doctor recommended. Founded on modern therapeutic principles, BioPods work like an exercise program in your shoes to improve strength, flexibility, and alignment throughout your feet, legs, hips and back.

Product Notes:

 A Revolutionary New Approach to Foot Health - Relief. Guaranteed.

If you have sore, tired, and aching feet - or even back, leg, or hip fatigue - the cause might be the shoes you wear, even if they are expensive and marketed for their stability, balance, and support; indeed, many such shoes merely reinforce muscular laziness and atrophy rather than exercising and strengthening optimal foot function. In particular, one of the faculties not exercised by such shoes is proprioception, the foot's capacity to sense and adapt to the changing environments and pressures it encounters. This in turn can negatively affect leg, back, and hip health.

BioPods are a response to this problem; by allowing for exercise of the foot's proprioceptive capacity, these shoe inserts don't simply reinforce an already extant problem, but stimulate your body's own mechanisms for maintaining optimal foot health.

The BioPods -- which were formerly branded as BioPodz (when they came with several types of inserts) and are now known as BioPods Stimsoles, in their latest incarnation (which have a slightly different appearance) -- also came out in two other types of models: the All Purpose, and Performance Plus. The main difference between the various original models is in which actual Pods are included. These Pods are ovals which insert into the central opening around the arches came in several types to offer varying levels of stimulus intensity to provide resistance pressure on your arches, in order to accommodate differences in people's feet, footwear, and intended uses (such as the type of sport, or intensity of the activity the shoe is typically being used for).

The Performance models being offered here come with medium stimulus intensity pods. They are designed not only for everyday use, but also for hiking, and even some sports. They are best suited to loose fitting, less restrictive footwear, and are suitable for any arch height. They are also especially good for hypermobile, or unusually flexible feet (if you can still raise your toes upward even while pronating (when the arch of the foot collapses easily under the body's weight while walking, to accommodate uneven ground or stones, for example).

The packages also include a shoelace guide to ensure you are not tying your laces too tightly (which would restrict the natural movement of the foot and limit the functionality of the insoles).

These inserts come in full length, to be placed in as-is (trimming a bit in the toe area for length or width) in shoes with removable insoles, but they can also be trimmed all the way back to 3/4 length to fit over non-removable insoles, if need be.

BioPods Technologies Redefine Foot Care and Footwear Paradigms

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BioPods technologies retrain, rehabilitate, and enhance optimal foot health and function, based upon proven musculoskeletal rehabilitation and performance enhancement principles.

In contrast, many conventional supportive and cushioning foot care products (insoles and orthotics) and footwear designs actually inhibit optimal foot function, and are the leading cause of foot-related problems.

BioPods products safely address the cause as well as the symptoms of most foot-related problems, and have clinically proven effectiveness in being helpful in rehabilitating and preventing foot problems as well as in enhancing athletic performance capabilities.

Highly Differentiated "Breakthrough" Technologies (Patent Pending)

BioPods technologies are incorporated into a revolutionary foot insole system (for use in existing footwear) and proprietary footwear designs offering a rehabilitative performance enhancing alternative to conventional products.

* Dynamic Arch Reflex Technologies stimulate and optimize the body's natural protective reflexes to form and maintain a strong and stable arch/foot/ankle system, and rehabilitate the atrophied maladapted structure caused by prolonged use of conventional products and footwear.

* BioFlex Footwear Designs work with the foot to facilitate optimal natural mechanics, thereby enhancing the rehabilitative process, performance capabilities, and comfort, rather than attempting to artificially support or control the foot, which limits its capabilities.

* Proprietary Materials and Manufacturing Processes ensure optimal performance for the life of the products. Conventional materials break down quickly, which can contribute to foot dysfunction.

* Abundant Product Applications include fashion, function, and sport specific.

Materials and Design

Reinforcement Layer: Reinforced heel and forefoot for added durability.

X-link EVA Foam Insole Material: Made from proprietary EVA foams for exceptional durability with anti-odor, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

PolyreFlex Podz Material: Made from proprietary Polyolifin for exceptional resilience and durability with anti-odour, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

Durable high performance fabrics with Ultra-Fresh Silpure antimicrobial treatment (Ultra-Fresh Silpure helps control foot odor and promotes foot health better than other antimicrobials).

Reinforcement Layer: Reinforced heel and forefoot for added durability.

BioPods™ from BioPods, LLC.

Sizing for Each Remaining Model

PER-02: Children's: US 4 - 4.5 or Euro 36 / or Ladies': US 6 - 6.5 or Euro 36.5 - 38

PER-03: Children's: US 5 - 5.5 or Euro 37 / or Ladies': US 7 - 7.5 or Euro 37.5 - 38 / or Men's: US 6 - 6.5 or Euro 39

PER-05: Ladies': US 9 - 9.5 or Euro 39.5 - 40 / or Men's US 8 - 8.5 or Euro 41 - 41.5

PER-06: Ladies': US 10 - 10.5 or Euro 40.5 - 41 / or Men's: US 9 - 9.5 or Euro 42 - 42.5

PER-07: Ladies': US 11 - 11.5 or Euro 41.5 - 42 / or Men's: US 10 - 10.5 or Euro 43 - 43.5

PER-10: Men's: US 13 - 13.5 or Euro 46 - 46.5

PER-11: Men's: US 14 - 14.5 or Euro 47 - 47.5


Please note that personal items including clothing and insoles are final sale, as they cannot be resold as new.

Product Options:
PER-05 Ladies' 9-9.5 / Men's 8-8.5 / Eur 40-41.5 - $59.99 - UPC: 854650007830
PER-06 Ladies' 10-10.5 / Men's 9-9.5 / Eur 41-42.5 - $59.99 - UPC: 854650007823
PER-07 Ladies' 11-11.5/Men's 10-10.5/Eur 41.5-43.5 - $59.99 - UPC: 854650007816
PER-10 Men's 13 to 13.5 / Eur 46 to 46.5 - $59.99 - UPC: 854650007786
PER-11 Men's 14 to 14.5 / Eur 47 to 47.5 - $59.99 - UPC: 854650007779