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RestBites from Biosential / Zenbev

Biosential - RestBites

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Info: 10 Pieces (Net Weight 380g)

This product is currently unavailable but expected to be available again in the future. Please see Zenbev.

Product Notes:

Nature's bedtime snack, in a new and improved shape and formula. Chocolate pumpkin seed bites from the makers of Zenbev. RestBites are a delicious bedtime snack comprised of specially prepared pumpkinseed flour, coconut oil and oats with a smooth semi-sweet chocolate coating. A great all-natural snack with many health benefits. RestBites are the culmination of many years of research by a renowned Canadian research physician. These tasty treats combine the best ingredients to deliver maximum benefit.

Message on RestBites from Dr. Craig Hudson

Hello. I'm Dr. Craig Hudson. I'm a clinical psychiatrist, and I've been practicing for more than twenty years. During my time in practice, I've noticed a number of you have difficulty with sleep. About three in four have occasional problems with sleep, and one in three have chronic problems with sleep. Unfortunately, the sleep medications that we have are not particularly effective, and they come with unwanted side effects. I have a particular interest in natural health solutions to problems like that.

Over the past seven and a half years, my team and I have worked diligently to find food ingredients put together in the right way that would address common problems of sleep. Our results are recently published in a respected scientific journal, Nutritional Neuroscience. The results were so unique the National Sleep Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to sleep problems in the United States, have coined a phrase for our product. They call it a 'snooze food'.

The product that we've developed is called RestBites. RestBites is derived from all food ingredients including organic pumpkin seed flour. It's delicious, and it's effective. The actual Rest Bite is a small nutritionally balanced bar and rolled in caffeine-free chocolate. It will work. It will help you fall asleep quickly, and you will remain asleep. RestBites are inspired by nature and proven by science. I invite you to try RestBites tonight. RestBites are reasonably priced. Restore your sleep tonight. This decision could change your life.


Organic pumpkinseed powder, coconut oil, honey, old fashioned rolled oats, unsweetened cocoa, rice crisps, vanilla extract, unsweetened coconut flakes, and chocolate coating (Unsweetened Chocolate processed with Alkali, Cocoa butter, Milk solids (Butter), Soya Lecithin, Pure Vanilla).

Nutritional Content, per 38 gram Piece:
Calories: 180 (80 from Fat)
Total Fat Content: 9 g (0 grams from Trans fat)
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Sodium: 10 mg
Total Carbohydrates: 13 grams, including:
- 2 g Fibre
- 8 g Sugars
Protein: 4 g
Iron: 10% of Daily Value


May cause drowsiness.
UPC / Barcode: 186867000718