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Biotics Research - Mixed Ascorbate Powder

Biotics Research - Mixed Ascorbate Powder

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Info: 300 g Jar of Powder

One of the most important nutrients, vitamin C acts as an important antioxidant, immune booster, and protector of the cardiovascular system, among other things. This Mixed Ascorbate Powder from Biotics Research can provide the body with more than 2,700 mg of vitamin C per teaspoon (along with some calcium and magnesium, which can help maintain bones and muscle function), and has been designed to reduce gastrointestinal stress that may occur by ingesting high amounts of this crucial vitamin.

Product Notes:

Since our bodies cannot produce or properly store high levels of vitamin C, inclusion in the diet is key; maintaining good health requires a proper dose of vitamin C every day. Mixed Ascorbate Powder can provide you with enough of the water-soluble vitamin to keep your body performing at top speed!

Some research has suggested that smokers require roughly 25 mg of vitamin C more than the daily requirement to attain the best health possible. In addition, children and seniors may need more as they can be prone to a deficiency of this important vitamin.

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80027387.


Per half teaspoon:
Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate) … 1,400 mg
Calcium (calcium ascorbate) … 100 mg
Magnesium (magnesium ascorbate) … 50 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: D-Mannitol.

Suggested Usage:

Adults and adolescents 14 years and older:
Take 1,400 mg, one time per day. Take half a teaspoon (1400 mg) mixed with water or juice daily. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.


Keep out of reach of children.
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