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500 ml bottle of Biotta Beetroot Juice
Biotta Apple-Beetroot-Ginger Juice
Biotta Breuss Vegetable Juice Blend
Biotta Celery Root Juice
500 ml bottle of Biotta Elderberry Juice
500 ml bottle of Biotta Purple Carrot Juice
Biotta Sauerkraut Juice
500 ml bottle of Biotta Vegetable Cocktail Juice
500 ml bottle of Biotta Vita 7 Juice

Biotta - Fruit & Vegetable Juices

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Info: 500 ml Bottle, Many Types; Only Available In-Store

Available in Store Only

These high quality, Swiss-made juices are made primarily from freshly harvested, certified organic ingredients. Biotta juices are gluten-free, with no added sugar or sodium.

These products aren't generally suitable for shipping, but some varieties may be available in store. Stock will vary, please contact us to confirm availability or to make special arrangements for shipping bottles.

Product Notes:

Some Biotta juices (Sauerkraut, and Vita 7) are excellent sources of Vitamin C (a terrific antioxidant); others (Purple Carrot, and Vegetable Cocktail) of Vitamin A (which helps night vision and healthy skin); and others (Beetroot, and Elderberry) of magnesium (a key factor for our metabolism, tissue formation and bone development).

They all provide potassium; and some of their individual ingredients have specific benefits. For example, having a glass of beetroot before every meal can help lower blood pressure; increase iron absorption (which can help people with anemia or low blood hemoglobin); and strengthen your body's immune system and maintain cell function by increasing your body's production of nitric oxide (which signals where more blood and oxygen is needed during high performance activities).

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Biotta Vegetables Juices


Apple-Beetroot-Ginger Juice: Apple juice* (52%), Beetroot juice lacto-fermented* (47%), Ginger root juice* (1%), Lemon juice concentrate*, fruit and vegetable concentrate. Fruit & Vegetable Content: 99%. Pasteurized.

Beetroot: Beetroot Juice,* Lactic Acid. Vegetable Content: 99.6%. Pasteurized.

Breuss (Rudolf Breuss Original Recipe): Beetroot juice,* carrot juice,* celeriac juice,* potato juice,* radish juice,* lactic acid. Vegetable Content: 99.4%. Pasteurized.

Celery Root: Celery root juice*, lactic acid. Vegetable content: 99.8%. Pasteurized.

Elderberry: Elderberry juice*, water, agave juice concentrate*, elderberry flowers*. Fruit content: 64.5%. Pasteurized.

Purple Carrot: Purple Carrot juice lacto-fermented*. Vegetable content: 100%. Pasteurized.

Sauerkraut: White cabbage juice lacto-fermented*, sea salt. Vegetable content: 99%. Pasteurized

Vegetable Cocktail: Tomato juice*, carrot juice*, celeriac juice*, beetroot juice*, lactic acid, sea salt, fine herbs*. Vegetable content: 99.7%. Pasteurized.

Vita 7: Orange juice*, carrot juice*, banana puree*, apple juice*, pineapple juice*, whey*, grape juice*, sea buckthorn berries*, beetroot juice*, lemon juice concentrate*, lemon juice*. Fruit content: 76%. Vegetable content: 14%. Pasteurized.

* = Certified organic, by: bio.inspecta AG, CH-BIO-006.

Latest bottle labels may differ slightly from the ones shown.

Suggested Usage:

Shake well before using. Refrigerate after opening. Product will keep for up to 8 days after opening, with refrigeration.

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