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BioVert - Stain Remover

BioVert - Stain Remover

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Info: 600g Powder

Bio-Vert's Stain Remover is an eco-friendly powerhouse powder that cleans and deodorizes, and it really works! It's capable of eradicating various types of tough stains, biodegrades in 28 days, is septic-tank friendly and phosphate and chlorine free. This can successfully remove stains from a variety of sources, including: blood, food, grass, gravy, juice and mildew. This product was formerly marketed as "BioVert - Stain Remover Oxygen Bleach."


Sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate.

Suggested Usage:

Laundry usage: Add 1.5 Tablespoons of stain remover powder to your regular laundry detergent, (for larger loads, add 2 Tbsp), for added cleaning and deodorizing power. For best results, use warm water wash cycle.

As a pre-wash soak: Completely dissolve 1.5 Tbsp (use 2 Tbsp for heavily soiled items) of stain remover powder in 4 litres of hot water (approx. 40°C/104°F). Add soiled items to water to soak, stirring frequently for optimal effectiveness.


Not for use on: silk, wool, leather or suede. Do not apply directly to fabric/clothing; always dissolve in water before using. Patch test first on a discreet piece of fabric before using.

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