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Blueair - Classic 200/300 Series Particle Filter

Blueair - Classic 200/300 Series Particle Filter

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Info: 1 Replacement Particle Filter

Replacement HEPA particle filter for use with a range of Blueair 200 and 300 series air purifiers including (but not necessarily limited to) the 201, 203, 205/205C, 215/215B (Costco), 250/250E, 270E and 303 units.

Product Notes:

200 Series HEPA Particle Filter Technical Specs

Filter Type: Particle
Primary Construction Material: Polypropylene
Layers: Three
Filtration: 0.1 µm
Filtered Substances: Dust, Pollen, Smoke, Pet Dander, Bacteria, Fungi, Mold Spores.
Washable: No
Dimensions (cm): Width 45.5 / Height 36.5 / Depth 4.5
Dimensions (inches): Width 17.9 / Height 14.4 / Depth 1.8
Weight: 700g

UPC Code: 689122000411