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Blueair Pure 211 Metal Base and Collapsible Particle and Carbon Filter
the two components of the Blue 211 Filter Conversion Kit
Blueair Pure 211 Collapsible particle and carbon filter shown collapsed
How the Blueair Pure 211 Prefilter, Metal Base, and Collapsible Particle and Carbon Filters fit together

Blueair - Blue 211 Filter Conversion Kit

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Info: Reusable Metal Housing + New 2-in-1 Particle and Carbon Filter. (Does not include fabric pre-filter)

Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Air Purifier

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If you have one of the original Blue 211 models* manufactured in 2015 or 2016 and are seeking a replacement filter, this conversion kit not only supplies one of their most effective types of filters in a new foldable form which takes up less room to store or dispose of, but also upgrades your unit with a new metal base to be functionally equivalent to the successor Blue 211+ model, to ensure continued access to replacement filters.

Product Notes:

Original filter for the Blueair BLUE Pure 211 Air Purifier

* (To verify which type you have, you can look up their serial numbers, which are on the label on the back of the unit, above the plug; the original 211 models do not have a '+ 'or a 'P' after the '211'.)

The original Pure 211 model which came out in 2015 used filters encased in a sturdy, diamond-patterned ABS plastic cage (like the one shown here) to make them rigid enough to serve as the base to support the fan and other components on top. But those filters (which came in a choice of a Particle filter alone or a combination Particle & Carbon Filter) require more materials and storage and disposal room and produce more waste, so Blueair redesigned both the filter and the whole purification unit as the Blue 211+ model, which was issued in 2017.

While you still may be able to buy the original combination filters in some places for the time being, Blue 211 owners are strongly encouraged to buy this conversion kit, instead, to ensure continued access to replacement filters going forward, and to reduce the burden on our waste and landfill systems.

The kit includes both a permanent metal filter housing in which to situate the filter (and which also serves as the base), and one collapsible combination Particle + Carbon filter. (We will ship them pre-assembled together, which will entail opening and resealing the box for the filter housing.)

These 2-in-1 filters combine a standard particle filter on its outer layer for removing small particles, with a sheet of activated carbon filter in its interior for removing smoke and odors.

For more information about that filter, including instructions on how to install and replace it, please see the Blueair Replacement BLUE Pure 211+ Air Filter.

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